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Door Sales Experience

I've been around

Got a knock on the door and a rogers salesman offered me internet and mobile service for $95. What is great deal! Too good to be true? You probably already know how this story ends.

I followed along on his iPad as he signed me up. I asked about the $150 installation fee and he said don’t worry I’m waiving it. (lie #1) Setting up a mobile line was much worse. I told him I still have 2 months on my contract with Fido and owed about $80 on the payment plan. His reply was don’t worry about it, Roger’s owns Fido, we’ll take care it. (Lie #2). I saw a $60 activation fee, he said that I’ll see a credit on my second bill. (Lie #3). What really bothered me is that he said it was a 5G plan with 20Gb and unlimited after that at LTE. (Lie 4&5) He actually signed me up for 5G Mobile 5GB for $45 and I saw overages at $20 per Gb!

As soon as I closed the door I downloaded the Rogers app which painted a different story. I sent him an email detailing what he told me and that I’d feel better if I had email confirmation from him. Which he did send.

I called in to double double check with sales. After confirmation of the lies I simply canceled. I’ve been with Fido for over 13 years and was going to switch to Rogers for better speeds. Today I gave a 30 day cancellation notice to Fido. Rogers is definitely out of the question after that fiasco. Two other choices remain…

Godspeed Fido/Rogers

Mr. Not Impressed


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Re: Door Sales Experience


Hello, @Kits11.


Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We're sorry that your door sales experience fell short of your expectations. Your feedback is vital for us to improve our sales process in the future. If you have any further concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We hope to serve you again in the future.




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