Does Rogers log text messages?

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Does Rogers log text messages?

Can somebody please direct me to where I can read about Rogers' data retention policy?


Or let me know if they store my text messages? Reliable information only please. Is there somebody monitoring our texts, etc?


Thank you


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Re: Does Rogers log text messages?

This is not from rogers.. so take it with a gain of salt..

But MY understanding is... that with a court order.. there are ways of the police getting this information from the telcom carrier.
This to me says, that this content.. IS logged in some way/form.


Now, this information, is not readilly available/accessible.  Reps nor people calling in, are not able to connect and see this just whenever they want, etc.. it needs to be accessed via court order, etc.  So while it is loged.. probably only VERY few have any access to it.


Best way to ask this.. would be to rogers LEGAL department, i would assume...
Now... how to get ahold of their LEGAL department...

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Re: Does Rogers log text messages?

Hello Kc212

Rogers does log in text messages but only will release them on a court order or police warrant. Rogers can not release them directly to you. The reason due to this is for safety and privacy as anyone can call acting like you and then getting the text messages.