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Does Rogers even care about loyal customers?

I've been here awhile

Does Rogers even care about loyal customers? The answer is straight forward from other posts and customers, "NO".

Does upper level management involved with customer service even know what is happening? Answer is "NO".

But why?? 

I am one of thousands who is asking this question and why does Rogers customer service does not listen. Rogers is always asking us to do their surveys, asking to see how we are doing with the difficult times but does nothing with our answers. 

Flipping back and forth to different providers does not make things any better. It would be so nice to actually deal with customer service that care about their customers especially the long term loyal customers.


Its nice to offer new customers great deals but if you want them to stay remember to continue to serve them properly. I am one of those thousands customer who has given alot of money to Rogers and feel mistreated.


This post is also probably a waste of time but I need to express myself . It would be so nice to finally get some breaks in life after giving your all to rich companies created by us, the customers.


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Re: Does Rogers even care about loyal customers?


Good day @Loyal96,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for your post!


To answer your question, yes, Rogers does value your loyalty and appreciate your business. I'm sorry to learn your experience has not been ideal.


Can you please elaborate on the cause of your dissatisfaction?


If you would like our help, it would be useful for us to know what you were trying to achieve and how we may assist.


Looking forward to your reply!



Re: Does Rogers even care about loyal customers?

I've been here awhile

Hello RogersMaude, 

Let me explain. Purchasing tv/internet best bundle package.. new customer pays $185month for 2 years and $ 235 month after term is over. Total savings in two years $1584, and total saving afterwards is$ 468 a year. Now a loyal customer for 28 years wants the same tv/internet best bundle package pays $ 250 month for 2 years and $270 month after term is over. Total savings in two years is $ 480 and total savings afterwards is ZERO.

I understand that Rogers is trying to get new business all the time but maybe there could try to offer better deals to loyal customer so they could stay with Rogers rather than leaving. 

I like Rogers but I am a fool for trying to hope that some day Rogers will care for loyal customers.  I believe that when companies get so big, they forget how they got that way.

If I was a  Customer Service manager or VP, I would create a tier system to show our thanks to all every  customer and continue to make Rogers even better.

Talking to customer retention does not help or upper management does not give this department the opportunity to help Rogers customers.

Re: Does Rogers even care about loyal customers?

Thank you for your feedback, @Loyal96!


I do understand your point of view. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us.




Re: Does Rogers even care about loyal customers?

I've been here awhile

Hello RogersCorey, 


I appreciate your reply but was wondering if there is a solution from Rogers. Is there a way that this situation can be talked about in any customer service meetings or even have Managers review your policy with loyal customers.

At the present time, I feel like my efforts to explain have to solution on your end. I understand that you are the person receiving my explanation and you are only able to maybe listen and reply but there should be more I would think.


Alot of customers are very anger at Rogers and also Bell too because your upper management team does not know or maybe does not want to know what is happening.


I worked for a company for 23 years and the success of the company was customer service. The company made profit by the return of customers and the referral of our business.  Maybe upper management should talk to some of the anger and upset customers that rely on Rogers services and are having a difficult time affording it.


Thank you for your time and I can only wish that my explanation of my situation would help Customer service or Customer retention help Rogers loyal customers. 

Re: Does Rogers even care about loyal customers?

Good Day @Loyal96 👋


As a consumer myself, I too can appreciate customer loyalty and some savings. I can assure you that we pride ourselves on ensuring you receive an exceptional experience. While we do have particular offers tailored to new customers, we most certainly appreciate your loyalty and tenure with us.


On your account and based on your needs and wants, there should be offers specifically tagged on your account. If said offers do not suit your financial needs, we can certainly have a gander to see how we can potentially make things more cost-effective while ensuring we do not compromise your needs and wants.


We appreciate the feedback and will ensure it gets passed along to the appropriate channels. With that said, in the event that you are open to us having a look at your account, we would be more than happy to help. Feel free to send us a message via PM and we can get started there. If you're not familiar with our messaging system, click here.





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