Disappointment from Rogers

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Disappointment from Rogers

I am not very happy with Rogers, how their plans are so confusing and misleading. I am taking from experience. I went to the Roger store in Oct 2018 to get a plan and new iPhone XS max. Representative there told us about the plans available and we picked one and they said if we add a second line we will get a FREE galaxy tab at 0 down and NO monthly fee. We said why not if it is free. We did not go there for a Tablet because we did not want the tab but just because it was offered for FREE we said yes. But what I did not know that it was just a deceiving trick because that second line was not free. I have been getting charged $10+ tax every month for that second line which were supposed to be FREE and I did not get to know about this till now when I changed the plan. I immediately call your customer service number but again they were not very helpful. I talked to first rep and he said because I changed the contact that's why that discount has been lifted I said OK first of all I got the new plan on May 19 but this $10+ tax has always been there ever since I got the tab on second line which were supposed to be FREE and second of all if that's how it works that when a customer change the contract the offered discounts like this on previous contract will be voided then Roger rep should never say that it is FREE and should inform the customer that they should not get it if they are planning to change the plan before 24months period ends. Half information is worse than no information. Then he said it is a mistake from the store staff where I got the plan, I should go there and talk to them. I was like really it is the best solution you have for me during PANDEMIC. It has been almost 2 years now and I don't even remember who the rep was but still I said ok I will go there and try to solve it which I am sure they gonne tell me something new and it will just go on. Then I said but I don't want this $10 on my future monthly bill so can you at least help me this and cancel it and then he said I have to pay off the balance on tab which is purely Ridiculous because why I would pay for something which was offered for FREE (that’s what the Roger store person said that it is free). I did not even ask for the tab but they lured me into buying it. I said I am not gonna pay then he transferred my call and then this lady answered and she said she can give me the discount on second line for next 24 months so that $10 will not come on monthly bill and I said finally thank you and hung up. But I later realize that they just made me keep the line again even I don’t want the line because it do not even use it and that after 24 months, $10 will appear again on my bill and i will start paying again without even realizing because I don't check my bill every month and if I want to change my plan again then I will have to do this all over again—calling you guys and cancelling and stuff.

Very simple solution that I was told that it is free so keep your words and give my money back that you have been deducting for this second line and cancel it because I DID NOT ASK FOR IT AND I DO NOT WANT IT.




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Re: Disappointment from Rogers

I agree that this was either a mistake or purposeful deception by the one rogers location.

With the devices like this that rogers sells, any tablets, etc, are all 'cellular' based ones.  
So while the device was FREE, they are giving it to you for zero dollars... in the end its much like getting a phone for zero dollars.  You have to pay the 'plan' for the usually 2 years, to pay off the device in essence.  The $10 is the charge to add this this device to share the data of the phone line.
Once the 24 month is up, the line should be be able to be 100% canceled, no more charges, etc.

But this is the stuff they should have told you at the beginning 😞