Disabling Text Messaging

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Disabling Text Messaging

Is it possible to disable (and disallow) text messaging altogether on my wireless device? I do not subscribe to a text messaging plan and each incoming text message (out of my control) gets charged at $0.15 cents.


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Re: Disabling Text Messaging

Hi Puleen,


I am not aware of any way to disable those text messages in your current situation. Subscribing to Extreme Text Messaging allows you to do this (www.rogers.com/extremetextmessaging) but that may defeat the purpose.


I recommend calling customer care at 1-866-931-3282, hit 1 for billing inquiries. Ask them if they are able to put some sort of provisionning block, as far as I know this is not possible.



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Re: Disabling Text Messaging



Call customer care and they'll try to sign you up for a text plan. The lowest is $3/month and you get unlimited incoming texts. So, if you get more than 20 incoming texts it might be worth it. Otherwise .... you're stuck and you get nickled and dimed to death. Either way, Rogers gets paid!



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Re: Disabling Text Messaging

If you're on a monthly plan you can add the $3 - 30 sent / unlimited received option, or call in to block incoming and outgoing messages. You can also send a text to 7726 (SPAM) with the 10 digit number to block and reverse the charge or go into your internet on the phone and under My Account link / Extreme Text Messaging section. If you are on pay as you go there is no way to block your incoming messages. Hope this info helps!
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Disabling Text Messaging

Telus will block all incoming text so you will not get billed...  Consider leaving Rogers if they will not do the same.


My mother inlaw has the same problem. Her pay as you go account is slow being depleted by junk incoming text at 30 cents per text. If this does not stop, I will have to switch her to Telus to stop the bleeding.  All incoming text should be free if you are on pay as you go. We can not control who is texting our phones.  Mother inlaw does not even know how to text. They only want a phone for emergency calls.  Her phone ran out of minutes because of this reason.  And she is billed at 50 cents per minute when she does use her phone.  To add insult to injury I can not even top up her phone with a $10 card.  Had to buy a $20 card after buy a $10 card already.  So there is $30 wasted for only 30 days.  Only way to get a year is to buy a $100 card.  Seniors who live on fixed incomes don't have $100 to put up front so their children have to front these costs.  What a rip offf of senirors!.


Lucky for us I found websites that unlock phones.  So now I have the option to go to Telus for $10 per month. Going to leave as soon as her $30 credit expires in 30 days.  Goodbye to a Corp that does not listen to customer input.....

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Disabling Text Messaging

Finally got through a customer help support person....  He told me that I can not enter a $10 call voucher because the minimum is $20 for my pay as you go phone.  That is redicoulous because there are plans that start at that rate so why would you impose this on a pay as you go customer????  He would not disable text on the phone, instead he gave me a $5.00 credit for all the junk text that was received.  He called it "Goodwill".  Telus can disable text to your phone if you tell them to.


Now to add insult to injury he tells me that he can enter the $10 voucher number for me but this will mean that my billing rate would move from $0.25 per minuter to $0.45 per minute.  I told him if this is the case, I will be moving over to Telus as I have done for my other pay as you go phone....


Goodbye Rogers...  

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Re: Disabling Text Messaging

It is indeed a mystery why there is a $10 option for PayGo but it can't be used. Is it only for topping up if you still have a balance? Most other carriers like Speakout have topups that are good for a year and their rates are lower, but with Rogers will only give you a year if you pay $100. 

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Disabling Text Messaging

You are wrong on the top up... I had $15 balance and still could not top up with a $10 voucher.  Once the customer service rep enters the $10 voucher number for me, I lost my 0.25 per minute rate.  Now at 0.45 cents per minute... What a rip off!!!  I will be glad to get rid of Rogers in 30 days when the minutes expires....


Also going to go back to Bell for phone and fiber TV...  They have a special rate now...  Or considering going back to a digital TV antenna....  Only watch the news before I go to bed.... Only the wife will miss her soaps and shows.


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Disabling Text Messaging


Since Rogers will not disable my text messaging, I am shopping for a new provider.  Will likely be Telus.  Already switched my son to them.   They will disable text if you are not a user or fan of it.  Plans start at $10 and not a rate of $0.45 per minute.  Just found out this morning that the CEO left the company and Rogers has problems retaining customers...  I will be joining those numbers in 30 days when my minutes expire....


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Re: Disabling Text Messaging

LOL @fireblazer


I moved the plan account I had with Rogers  to another provider a couple days ago ....  ...  I've logged in to their system three times now just to  check my account just because it is sooooo much simpler than here .... I'm just in "log in shock" I think. Smiley LOL


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