Disabling Roam Like Home

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Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

I can see, if its just a few KB worth of data that happen.. the charge can be a little big..
Have seen many who were close to the border sometimes get dinged with that.
Often they can call in, and can get it reversed.
If this is happening regularily (live near there) they could probably put a note on the account to get it always reversed?



If its for traveling..
And you dont want to get any dings.. and ONLY use wifi..
Best bet would be put it in airplane mode, then re enable the wifi.

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Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

Donot know why the rogers rep here would not answer the simple question: how to disable roam like home. 

I have flat rate in USA, which is 0.25/min. I go to the States for an hour sometimes and only make 2 or 3 short calls. It is not worth to use Roam like home at all to pay $5 for that day. 


I wish just To disable Roam like home can be as easy as to activate it, just send a text message to a certain number. But of course Rogers will make it hard to do so.

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Re: Disabling Roam Like Home




I can sympathize with you on that question, why is it so hard to just answer the question how to turn Roam Like Home off or as you have now said, disable it.


The only answer is that the people who create marketing and pricing packages decided to do it this way.


Yes, it is a network option, not available from our phones, but if you have it unenrolled on your plan, if you go out of country, you get a text telling you how to send a text to enable it.  So there could be a way to allow us to disable it, but the decision was not made, or maybe not considered to provide the option for us to disable it easily.


Instead, we have to call in, and in my experience, I have to listen to the whole presentation of the "benefits" of Roam like home and suggestions that we don't understand the option.  In the example presented, the .25 cents (not sure how that works, may be an old plan option, but even now it is only .75 in the states and higher internationally).  So based upon how you want to set up and use your phone, you decided that you don't need it.  You have asked for how to turn it off, or disable it, (in Rogers terminology, it is enenroll), you have to contact a Rogers CSR, or chat, or all the other options, and tell them to do it.  When I finally do turn it off, which I just haven't got to it, I will say, just enroll it, I have heard all the reasons for having it, and this is my decision.


I think as a customer, we shouldn't have to be "sold on the benefits" and assume that we don't understand - if they asked me can I clarify the benefits, or do you understand the per use costs, I would answer yes I do, now turn it off.


There is one thing it does - it leads us to using more data (I am one of those oddities that has no data anyway), so it is nice to be able to protect yourself, which I already know how to do - turn roaming off, airplane mode, or WIFI only. but it also means that if you are a user like you have presented, or like me and my family, you pay a minimum of 5.00 just to do one text, it is taken from your bundle, and here is where the rubber reaches the road - some of us have limited local minutes, and no Canada wide minutes, and possibly limited text, so you are at risk of ending up in overages.


Just wanted to let you know you are not alone in this frustration.


Now don't get me started on the previous - turn on your data and automatically get 7.99 package for one day, and bouncing on the border and calling in to get those reversed.



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Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

Update on how to disable roam like home


I just disabled roam like home on both of our phones.  


I did it using chat, and I was as we have seen here too, asked why, and how unusual it is for someone to opt out.


Guess we are a unique breed of phone users.


My answer - based upon my past roaming charges over 10 years, there is no value for the money for this model - pay per use is the best way to go for my usage patterns, plus if you really feel you need it, you can turn it on (say, you end up in an accident) - in the past, I just treat those incidents as emergencies, and that is why I have a bank account I call my "emergency fund" - For me, the Roam like home is merely an insurance policy for emergencies.


I clarified during the discussion, that I can turn it on at any time, and I can contact them and turn it back off as well, but no real easy way other than contacting them - it would be easy if they stopped asking why, and just did what we asked them to do.  In future if I have to do this, they said, do you mind me asking - and I will say actually I do mind, please just disable it.


You will get a text telling that it has been opted out and telling you how to opt back in.


And there was also an earlier mention about Rogers One Number - it is dead as of 31st of this month.


I think the point in this whole discussion is people are warning us of roaming costs, and that every call or text will cost us roaming charges - when in my case, I am fully aware.


There seems to be an assumption that all of us need to limit ourselves on how much roaming we do accidently or on purpose - I limit it just fine - turn data roaming and network access off - easiest route - airplane mode, then turn WIFI on when needed, and off when not needed.  


So my final comment on this whole issue is:

1. I didn't appreciate Rogers opting us in automatically for those on legacy plans - in the beginning users had to opt-in, then they suggested no reason to opt-out and I don't recall ever reading you could opt out. May have missed it.

2. It wasn't an easy process in the early stages to get a consistent answer - expected with new things - but I don't appreciate having to go through the "why" each time, the occasional disbelief.  Sure ask me if I understand and are you aware of the costs, and I will say, I understand and I am aware.


The only confusing one for me was data as I have no data - on Roam like home, you get charged 5.00 + per useage charge of 7.99 for 50 mb.  When opted out it is 7.99 only.


Sure, I can now make texts and calls to the limits of my bundle as if I was at home, based on any limits that I may have on minutes, but I almost never would do that anyway.  Never have, and wouldn't pay 5.00 per day to do it.  I wait until I get to a WIFI hotspot. 


So in closing, yes it is reasonably easy to opt out - you just have to chat or call in and say I wish to opt out of Roam Like Home.


Easier to opt back in - you just text the provided number in your email when you opt out.


And if you are on legacy plans, and no data like myself - be prepared for the "do you want fries with that, or do you want the meal deal" - for Rogers best value, or let's review to see if you are the best bundle.


Boy they are determined to get me on the share anything plans.  They have now discontinued share talk and text plans, no BYOD on the basic plans, and a few other things gone, so we are into the same situation with bundles and basic services - it brings the two plans to just about the same price (not on the web page by the way), for just 10.00 per month and you now have data, but for me, that is 120.00 per month.


When we ask questions like how can we opt out, we are usually doing it because we have defined what value we want for our money.


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Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

I had a similar experience disabling Roam Like Home (RLH). I was enrolled automatically, without my permision and when I called Rogers support to explain, I was drilled with a long list of questions as to why I want to disbale it.

I let the rep rant on and at the end she said she would sign up in a heart bit if she were me.

So I pointed her to my Rogers bill for the previous month in which I had 1 text sent in an airport in Europe (on a stop over trip), for which I was chared $10 (the daily rate for international RLH).

And then I asked her is she still wants to sign up for RLH if she were me.

Not only did she stay quiet, but she also reimbursed me for the $10 and deactiavted RLH on my account, for all my lines.

In the end, it is not the Rep's fault as they are just doing their job. Their phone conversations are being recored for compliance and if they don't push this "feature" on customers, their work performance may/will be affected.


The RLH feature may be beneficial to some but definelty not all. Rogers is being misleading by giving customers the option to easily activate the RLH from MyRogers account while requiring a lengthy Support call to disable it.

So if Rogers reads this, the course to make the customers happy is within your reach:

1. Do not enable RLH without customer consent

2. Allow customer to enable/disable RLH easily from their MyRogers account


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Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

How do I dis enroll Roam like Home? 


I travel abroad frequently and sometimes may send a text or two, but not 5/10$ worth. How do I permanently disable roam like home?

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Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

In answer to the question of how to "unenroll" from Roam like Home, you need to contact a CSR, or Community Helps may be able to help and ask to unenroll from Roam like Home.  I have it turned off on my phone.


I don't want it for the same reasons you describe along with the fact that if I want to use a daily pass of data, I get charged for Roam like Home, plus my pass as I don't have data.


You may get someone who just can't wrap your head around why you want to or may not even know that you can, just ask them to check with someone how to do it on their screens, try another rep call.


I went through three before they figured it out and I learned the term un enroll - that is the prompt on their choice list I was told.  I had been asking to disable it and I got all sorts of answers - once on, you can't disable, etc, finally got it done though.


So you have to contact them and direct them to do it.  You can always enroll back in at any time if you so choose.



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Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

Hello @ererterg34g43g,


Thank you for your post and Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


Your inquiry is an interesting one as most would find Roam-Like-Home a great feature to use while travelling. I understand why you wouldn't be interested in paying for it since you do not use the phone much while travelling. 


Please keep in mind, disabling Roam-Like-Home will not prevent your phone from connecting to foreign cellular towers and incurring roaming charges. The only way to do this would be to leave your phone in Airplane mode while travelling (you can still connect to Wi-Fi in Airplane mode).


With that said, our good friend @BS is correct, we can disable Roam-Like-Home from your account and it can be Enabled again at any time but it would have to be done on our end. In order to gain access to your account to process this, we'll need you to reach out to us via Private Message (PM). Please send us a private message @CommunityHelps the next time you're online and we can get this done.


For more information on our private messaging system check out our blog.





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Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

I would definitely like to be able to enable/disable Roam Like Home by *myself*.

Same reason, I travel about 180 days a year and sometimes, if I need Internet, I would like to use Roam Like Home but the next few days I may send just one or two SMS so I want the pay per use. Then my next travel date, I may need it one day or not so I start over every time, chat with customer service, have it disabled. Then log in my account, enable it, then chat again to disable it...

Great feature but give us the ability to easilly disable it.
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Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

A simple question (reworded multiple times) was not answered in a previous chat with Rogers.


How can one EASILY turn off Roam Like Home???  There are circumstances where we are roaming but do not  want both of our phones to pay $12 per day.  An occasional text sent is all one of the phones would do.


Is there a simple answer to this now?



Louise G.