Disabling Roam Like Home

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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 18

Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

Well... It depends... For me, I travel a few times a week so I like when sending 1 message stating I will be late, that it cost 0.75$ instead of triggering RLH so I had it disabled but for a person that go out of the country, it's a lot cheaper to use RLH than paying on every message. To each his own, I would like to be able to toggle it on/off by myself though................

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 8

Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

I agree. We spend 5+ months in the US, so during that time, I have a Land Line with unlimited long distance and great W-Fi in the house, so RLH is NOT good. The ability to switch back and forth WITHOUT calling Rogers would be great. It used to be available BUT has disappeared. Stay Safe everyone.