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Disabling Roam Like Home

I Plan to Stick Around



What is the easiest way to (temporarily) disable Roam Like Home?  The reason being I will travel through Europe to Asia, where I will get a local SIM.  While in Europe, I may send one or two texts, but not $10 worth, so I would rather have the pay-per-use rate.


The only way to do this is by calling customer service?





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Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

You could put the phone into airplane mode and then connect to wifi, using Rogers One number from that country you can make calls back to canada, however if you make local calls from there you would need Roam like Home or face roaming charges.


Just a thought 



Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

You can also text using roam like home, but i do not know if you would incur charges for roaming texts, maybe a mod can clarify

Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

Sorry I meant texting with Rogers One Number not Roam like home sorry about that.

Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

I've Been Around

how do I stop my roam like home? is there a way I can take it off my account or get rid of it?

Re: Disabling Roam Like Home

Good evening @stoneshack,


Thank you for your post! Smiley Wink


Normally, people inquire about enrolling to Roam Like Home.

May I ask you why you wish to entirely disable this option?


In order for you to understand this service better and, for you to comprehend how beneficial it actually is, I will give you an example :


  • If you travel to Europe, for instance, and do not wish to be charged the daily $10/day rate, you would be charged $2/minute for phone calls and $0.75/outgoing text message.
  • This would be equivalent to a minute and a half phone call and eight outgoing text messages.
  • The $10 daily fee would be equivalent to unlimited airtime, unlimited text messages and data usage from the quantity allowed in your plan.


Hope this helps!