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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Disable Text to Landline Service

Getting back to this, as I just contacted rogers and they tell me there is no way to disable this service.


I find this is a complete failure on rogers part.  They have no way to identify PRIOR to making a text that this is a land line, so they are making it impossible to make an informed choice about accepting/rejecting the additional costs of texting.  it's not feasible to stop all texting, so rogers is hiding the information you need (or allowing the service to be disabled) to make prevent unnecessary charges..  I guess aCRTC complaint is required  which I will not start. 

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Re: Disable Text to Landline Service

Hello @ckc123,


In my personal experience, this is not something that will occur often, however, I understand that most customers would prefer it not to happen at all. It's not nice to see unexpected charges pop up on your invoice. 😣


As mentioned in post #39 of this thread, presently there is no option or add-on that will allow us to detect or block these types of 'text to landline' messages automatically from our end. 


What you can do is reach out to TeleMessage Support to opt-out of receiving such messages. Here's how:


Residential Customers:


• Contact TeleMessage Support by visiting their website at telemessage.com/contact-us. Please include your mobile number and request to block Text to Landline messages service. TeleMessage Support will block the service as requested. 
• In the event that a customer cannot access the website, they can also send an email to support@telemessage.com and include their Rogers Wireless Phone number and ask to be blocked from the Text to Landline messages service.


Business Customers: (Opt-out of the 'Text to Landline' service in bulk)


• Use Business Self-Serve to download the complete list of CTNs into an MS Excel file. You can either send this file to the client to send the request to support@telemessage.com, or you can send the request on behalf of the client.  If you’re sending on their behalf, make sure to CC the authorized user of the account.


I hope this helps! 🙂



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Disable Text to Landline Service



I understand what you are describing, however I'm not a customer of Telemessage,  I'm a customer of Rogers (as you are the one I have the contact with). Rogers is the one who charges me without due notice or the opportunity to make the informed choice to opt out (at time of send) . There are 2 easy solutions to this  1) allow customers to opt out.  2) have the message as a 2 step.. eg. rather then get a confirmation message that I have already been charged extra, it could send me a "you are about the txt a landline, and extra charges apply. reply 1 to accept and continue.


it would be like  me calling a local 647 number, but it's charged like its a 1900 number, and I don't find out until I get my bill.   that's just not fair to me. thats is why I'm raising this to the CRTC and the office of the president of rogers.   "it can't be currently done" is not an acceptable response. 


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Resident Expert
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Re: Disable Text to Landline Service

Hi CKC123.

Are you looking to:

A) To unsubscribe to TEXT2Landline


B) Force Rogers to do a Process Change so you can call a CSR and have them remove it for you?

Usually its very difficult for an outside individual who does not work there to force a change to their existing process, even if your right it should be that way from the start.

I have something to tell you tho, the txt2landline issue does not just affect Rogers it also affects other carriers like Bellus (Bell and Telus Mobility) Those clients also can not ask their customer service to disable it they have to contact telemessage themself.

I get it, you want it changed you have a valid point, but like anything in this world, just because you are right does not mean things or procedures or processes will change overnight.

So for the time being I suggest you simply send a message to telemessage and opt out of the text2landline service.

Like you, WE ALL discovered the charges on our bills for text to landlines, all we can do at this point is keep paying for it or disable it and move forward in life, so its totally up to you, do u want it gone? if so yes? do the work and send them a quick email and they will block it.

I've Been Around
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Re: Disable Text to Landline Service

Yr msg successfully delivered to 902-835-6780.(+$0.15)Thx 4 using Rogers Wireless TXT 2 Landline! Envoyez F a 2525 pour envoyer les prochains mess en Francais

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Re: Disable Text to Landline Service

Hello @Bedford,


Welcome to the Rogers Community!


Have you had a chance to browse through this thread? This type of SMS is normally received after you sent a text message to a landline. Can it be the case?

The phone number displayed in the message does appear to belong to a home phone number. If you have not sent anything out, simply disregard the SMS in question.