Disable Mobile Data on an Android Device

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Disable Mobile Data on an Android Device

I have 2 Samsung Galaxy phones one an S9+ the other a Note 10+. Is it possible to set these phones to WIFI only? Although I recently changed my plan to increase my data but still had to pay a 550 dollar bill this past month. Thank you.


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Re: Disable Mobile Data on an Android Device

Hello, @fysty-1.


Thank you for posting your query in the Community. It is possible to turn the data off on the device itself, but may not be effective.

Since you recently changed the plan, most likely you are on the Infinite Shared Wireless Plan. You can use the MyRogers app to manage your family’s data worry-free.

Both of your devices should already have the app installed. You can set yourself as the Data Manager that allows you to toggle off the data anytime you want for any line.

You can also turn on the Stream Saver option to optimize the data usage. It’s a pleasant feature that allows you to adjust video streaming to Standard Definition on a line-per-line basis.

Let us know if you have any more questions.