Digital Equipment/Terminal Pick Up

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Digital Equipment/Terminal Pick Up

Rogers Store Disappointment.


I upgrade my service from a very old account.

Days later found out that the Cisco digital boxes were basically useless giving me only about 10 channels.

Spoke to a representative on the phone who made me a deal to exchange the digital box for a cable box that would give at least channels up to 70.


I had to drive around to two outlets to get my cable boxes. Was truly disappointed in one of the boxes that was given out. Truly disgusting and filthy. Years of dust had been built up on it, one of the nuts that hold the male RG6 connector was missing.

I now have to take this unit back as I refuse to fully remove it from the shrink wrap.20180406_163727.jpg20180406_163734.jpg20180406_163738.jpg


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Re: Digital Equipment/Terminal Pick Up

Good day @TECHHEAD,


Thank you for taking the time to bring this up to our attention!

I completely understand the disappointment you must have felt after realizing the terminal you were handed in store was dusty. Please accept my apologies on behalf of Rogers for the condition of the equipment you received.


Have you completed the exchange at your nearest Rogers store?

I would recommend that you give them a call before going there physically. You might want to ask to speak to the manager in charge, in order to let him/her know the details of the situation and therefore prevent this from happening again in the future. They might also be able to put one aside for you to accelerate the process, on your next visit.


If the issue has not yet been addressed, reach out to us via Private Message @CommunityHelps when you're back online and we might be able to further assist you in reaching a satisfactory resolution. You can find instructions on our private messaging system, here.



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Re: Digital Equipment/Terminal Pick Up

I think as @TECHHEAD has presented, it goes beyond dusty - the layer of dust on those vents, if you tried to run it that way would lead to overheating, and must have been shrink wrapped in in the exact state it was in, along with the missing bolts, and the obvious wear and tear of what ever the last user had sitting on top of the box, (say a VCR, or DVR) which would also have been restricting airflow and risking overheating on the product.


This a a great warning to all of us as we go to the stores to pick up a standard HD box.  Absolutely none of the Nextbox two and Three, pvr or non pvr are in production anymore, and are not even in product support by any company anymore other than internal Rogers staff or contractors that know the box programming and specs. 


Cisco dumped the whole line 3 years ago and sold out to Technicolor.  They have gone back to their core industry product (The backbone of the Internet - the switching systems, inernationally and high end corporate server farms and switching centres.  They are out of the home market completely on routers, modems and TV.


So when picking up a box, although I know they are getting hard to find in the first place, open the shrink wrap up and check it over and if you see something like this, hand it back and speak to the staff, and/or manager, and have them start contacting other stores if they don't have an alternative.


I refused a box on the last one I got, and the one I got has couple of chips on the plastic front and no shortage of scratches.  It was clean and did have an orange refurbished sticker on it though.


So beware to check the box.  There should not be a spec of dust on those vents if it has been refurbished.


Just the reality that as Rogers tries to keep and recruit new customers, there is no stock to replace the existing equipment with.  If you go up to Grey county, when they bought out up there, there was no equipment availability, so you will see NB2 terminals and NB3 PVR's all over the place.  The NB2 PVR's have been gutted of the PVR mode and stipped down to a terminal only.


All the more reason why they have to get Comcast out on time, with the network infrastructure to support the whole home component system of Home Phone, Ignite Internet and TV, and Home security, all flowing from one Internet feed into a Gateway and all plug and play, reducing need for tech installs in the home, once the jacks are provisioned for.


Sorry to see you end up with such an obviously lack of care to even consider blowing out the dirt before shrink wrapping it.  Fortunately, the box is only rental or offered on a credit on rental, because I could see it overheating or failing relatively quickly.


Final lesson for every day users - Keep your vent path ways clear - don't put your other equipment that you use under the set top box as you are then heating the box from the other equipment, and blow the dust out of their, like you would do for the fan and computer.  I pull my laptops and desktops apart still twice a year and vacuum and blow out with compressed air.  Heat is death for electronics, and dust not only on vents, but on the boards, are like putting a blanket of blown insulation on top of a heat geneating chip and board.


Hope the next one is better.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Digital Equipment/Terminal Pick Up



ThanX for the replies.

My wife will be taking the box to the store that she picked it up from. I will update on what they have had to say.

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Re: Digital Equipment/Terminal Pick Up

Everything from Rogers is refurbished unless you purchase it brand new. If the refurbishing is done properly, there should be no problem, Over the last few years we've seen stories of people returning their Nextboxes and just been given another one. Who knows how thoroughly the returns are tested and refurbished before they're given to other customers. I've seen lots of horror stories. The first PVR I got from Rogers had a defective hard drive. I would have thought it had been thoroughly tested before being put back in the system, but I guess not. I've seen horror stories of customers receiving refurbished STBs coated with dirt and nicotine. Obviously not a lot of effort goes into refurbishing and recycling units.

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Digital Equipment/Terminal Pick Up

My wife returned the box and got a replacement and all is fine, even though one of the nuts for the RG6 connector was just about to fall off. Nothing a pair of pliers could fix.


Manager was thoroughly apologetic.