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Device Protection Guarantee

Let's say that you got a brand new Blackberry Z10 and then 4 days later you're in a car accident that leave you with a crack in the screen. Is this covered under that? Or perhaps your son grabbed your phone and while running dropped it and cracked the scren. Is this covered? Has anyone ever used this program? What do you have to do?




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Re: Device Protection Guarantee

Hello Lendo78

Here is more info:

About Rogers Device Protection Services
A service replacement fee of $25, $80, $120, or $200, based on your device will be charged when you make a service request to replace your device. A full list of Service Replacement Fees by model is available at For full details, see the Device Protection Plan Terms & Conditions.
Devices are only eligible for enrollment within 15 days of new activation or upgrade.
All postpaid wireless phones (including iPhone) and standard accessories including a standard battery, a standard charger, SIM card and memory card are covered.
Replacement devices may be new or refurbished models, in Rogers' discretion.
Includes two replacements during a 12 month period.
You may cancel your Device Protection Plan at any time.
For Rogers TechXpert™ for Wireless technical support, or to request a device replacement, please call Rogers at 1 855 877-3887.
This list of services is not exhaustive; please see the Device Protection Plan Terms & Conditions for complete details.
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Re: Device Protection Guarantee

What about if u lost yr phone?
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Re: Device Protection Guarantee

Hello castrel

It would still apply on what i posted above.
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Re: Device Protection Guarantee

That url keeps saying not found? How do I make a claim? I have I phone 6 cracked screen u know what the fee is?
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Re: Device Protection Guarantee

Hello Single1983

On the link below, follow the steps and you will see what the fee is. You will need to pay via a credit card. Follow the link below.


Your replacement service fee is: $200

Additional taxes may apply.
Replacement service fees differ by device make and model.
Please check this website any time your wireless device changes.

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Re: Device Protection Guarantee

Rogers device protection is a total rip-off. We have been paying $11 a month on my son's phone. When the phone broke and we went to claim under the plan we were told 1) we had to pay an extra $200; 2) It wasn't anything to do with Rogers. When the "new phone" arrived it was a refurbished phone. So we payed over $300 for a refurbished phone. Save yourself the money and avoid Device Protection.- Another Rogers Ripoff

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Re: Device Protection Guarantee

Hello @sarahhillyer

Unfortunately they don't give u a new one unless the device is brand new. Refurbished is like new just checked and made sure it's up to date. It works fine and u still have warranty .
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Re: Device Protection Guarantee

So I pay a monthly fee on top of my phone bill for warranty on my phone. I've been paying this fee for over a year now.

I cracked my phone screen by accident, and figured "well this is why I've been paying warranty for over a year." So I take my phone to the store at the mall and they just give me a card and tell me to visit the site on the card. I figure "Well this is weird, why can't I just get my phone replaced right then and there?" So I go to this site and it asks for a bunch of information and in the end it tells me I need to mail or fax a sheet with a bunch of photo copies of information that I don't even know if I still have, and they will get back to me when they get it. And I still have to pay $120...


What on earth is the point in paying for warranty when it doesn't do anything and I have to jump through a million hoops just to get my phone replaced? I'm seriously considering just cancelling. I am not a happy customer at all.

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Re: Device Protection Guarantee



Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Phones are so delicate now a days, I smashed a few screens in my day  Smiley Sad


I believe you are talking about Device Protection.

The Device Protection offers 2 replacements during a 12 month period and quick shipment of the replacement device, Covers loss, theft and damage (physical and liquid) even after the manufacturer's warranty expires (Note: Loss and theft coverage is not available in MB, NL, QC and SK) and offers extended technical support (unlike a basic manufacturer's warranty)


You can complete a device replacement request at


We also have an alternative option to call Asurion and set up a replacement, the number is 1-855-877-3887 and dial 1 after the prompt to contact Asurion.


For more information on our Device Protection offer please click here.




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