Data overage

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Data overage

My wife and I went over on our data on our share everything plan. She went into our account to add to it, but our data still isn't back working again. Will it remain suspended until next month when the billing cycle is started over?


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Re: Data overage

Hey @Josh1188!


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Loss of data can certainly be disruptive! We'd be happy to help. To assist further can you confirm the following for me?


Have you set a data block on any lines via your MyRogers?
Did you receive a $50 data overage message asking if you would like to continue using data or leave it suspended?
Have you spoken with customer support to determine if a suspension is in place?

You can contact support at anytime regarding this particular issue or check in with us here @CommunityHelps to review the account. If the data was suspended to protect your from data overages and you've added a top up, this suspension can be removed for you.