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Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

I plan to stick around


Apparently there was a change in the CRTC Wireless Code and now mobile users have to consent to increases in data usage and charges. Unfortunately this seems to apply to Rocket Hub users as well because I've had to call support two times now to remove holds on my data. Once was last month when I reached the $50 overage limit and just now when I reached the 2nd tier in my mobile flex plan. I was referred to a link on the Rogers website that I could click next time but I can't seem to get it to work. I was wondering if anyone knew the link?


I have to wonder why Mobile Internet was just lumped in with this change considering there is no way to send and receive texts from a Rocket Hub. I checked my bill from last month and it lists no option for Mobile Internet users other than calling support and waiting for a representative. It's really inconvenient to have to call the support line just to get regain access to a service that's theoretically already been paid for. 


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Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

I plan to stick around

yes rogers should inform their employees on what to do and all their customers should have been sent an email to tell them this might happen  instead of us running around trying to fix

Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

Thank you very much for your feedback @victor4 & @pembrett!

I understand the inconveniences this matter may have caused you.


We value your input very much and we will forward your comments to the appropriate party for review.

Making sure that our representatives are aware of issues of that nature is and will remain one of our priority.


Thanks again!



Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

I plan to stick around

I wanted to share my recent experience with my Rogers Rocket Hub/Mobile Internet Service.  I want to thank Jadeleaf and Wobbletop for sharing their recent experiences and frustration with the "new", sudden data cut off that Rogers has implemented based on the new CRTC rules with $50 over charges on Flex plans.   Here is my experience(s) and I am hoping someone else will share the story so that Rogers can come up with a better "fix" on their part:

1.  I have been a happy Rogers Rocket Hub user (on their FLEX plan) for 3 years and I can say honestly say that I maybe needed to restart my Rocket Hub modem maybe 5-6x over those first 3 years.  I typically used 30GB/month on average and would be billed accordingly ($110 for up to 50GB of data)

2.  I use our Rocket Hub because our current business plaza is not connected with proper cable/wire/high speed internet service.

3.  At the end of January 2018 our internet stopped SUDDENLY without any Warning.  We attempted to restart our modem without success.  We contacted Rogers only to find out that we needed to "agree/accept" to the $50 over charge fee and our internet data would be turned back on.  Well, it didn't turn back "ON".  We attempted to disconnect and unplug and remove the battery approximately 60-70x. After cycling the power on/off, we would be "ON" for 20-30 minutes and then "OFF" again.  We spoke to numerous agents (both by phone and via online chat) and were told many DIFFERENT solutions: 

(i) go to and "accept" the charges; some agents would tell us to turn "wifi" OFF on a tablet or smart phone or computer connected to the HUB.  It sounded simple enough, but this back-end message wasn't always readily available, and remember, the data was cut off so we didn't have access to the internet.  So again, we aren't sure to connect to the with the "wifi" ON or "wifi" OFF?

(ii) we were told it sounded like a hardware issue.  Rogers issued us a new Rocket HUB (remember: for the previous 3 years we had very few drop outs). We received our new Rocket HUB.... and the same issue continued.  Drop out and connection IN/OUT.  We again, had to turn the HUB off, unplug, remove the battery and wait and hope we would be back up and running.

(iii) Agents always asked us how our connection was.  We have a Rogers tower less than 100m from the outside of our building.  If I could, I would be able to run a direct wire from their tower to my office!

(iv)  Another agent stated that it sounds like the SIM card needs to be replaced.  So, off we went to a Rogers store to get a new SIM card. Unfortunately we faced the same situation..... connection dropped .... again, we were told to unplug the HUB, power cycle it and remove the battery.

(v)  Similar to Wobbletops experiment, we were told by an agent that we should call in to Rogers at the beginning of the cycle to "accept/agree" to the new $50 over charge and we would not run into the data being cut off.

(vi) When we called in again to another Agent, we were told that calling in ahead of time to "agree/accept" the $50 data charge would not work because we are "answering a question that hasn't been asked yet".

4.  I read in a post somewhere in the Forum of a person having connection issues.  That person stated that when they went into the Rocket Hub Panel (ie. by typing 192.XXX.X.X.) into their browser, and typing "admin" into the Rocket HubPanel (go to Settings..... Network .... and changing the connection from "Automatic" to "4G") .... they had a better connection.  I can honestly say, that after I forced the Rocket Hub in a 4G connection (and NOT automatic) we have been much more stable with our connection.  However, our download and upload speeds have slowed.  We do not care about streaming, Netflix or Youtube, so having a connection of 14mbps download and 8mbps upload, works just fine for basic internet searches and emails.

5.  Here is where the major Problem with the new DATA cut off ..... IT is UNPREDICTABLE!  It states that the data cut off should occur at $50 over the plan.  I would say that I pay $60 for 5GB and I would EXPECT this new data cut off to occur at the $110 mark (at approximately 20GB).  But this is not the case!  We recently had a data cut off happen at the beginning of this month! (the previous cycle was over, and we were 3 days into our new cycle and only 500mb into the new cycle ..... and suddenly ..... data cut off!).    Here is what we did:  we went to the page to "accept/agree" to the new charges (again with difficulty, because the page wouldn't load automatically and we tried wifi "on" and wifi "off" on our desktop computer) .... We clicked "accept" and the data was turned "ON" again.  However, it was intermittent (again).  It went "on" for 10-15 min, and then went "off" again .... and then came back "on" again.  Here is the thing, we didn't cycle the HUB on/off ..... Some agents said we had to turn "off/on" the HUB and some agents said we didn't have to turn the HUB "on/"off"

I am sorry for the long post.  I find this new change very frustrating:

* There was no email notification to tell us this happened or was going to happen and how to respond to the changes

* Mobile Rocket Hub users don't get a text/email notification regarding the "accept" charges

* The Rogers online page is 12hrs behind and doesn't give real time data useage

* The data cut off is unpredictable (it has occurred at the begnning of the cycle and at the end of the cycle ... you just never know when your data will stop flowing

* Agents do not have an answer as to why the intermittent connectivity following the "agree/accept"*

* Agents aren't consistent with the message as to when to power on/off the HUB after "accepting"

* Rogers needs to allow FLEX plan users to "Agree" to all charges and opt-out of this rolling cut off (a mobile internet service is NOT the same as a cell plan)


Our office is patiently waiting for high speed internet access and we are actively trying to get service to our plaza as soon as possible.  I feel sorry for a customer that is in the middle of an important conference call, or a rural customer who is suddently cut off from their data and then having to wait to be connected.

I am hoping our story will help others here develop a proper protocol as to how to handle this sudden data cut off without interruption.  Everyday we go into the office, we don't know if we are connected or not.  It is a horrible way to run your business.


Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

I plan to stick around

hi I have read your post and can feel your frustration I checked every cable and connection took out battery, reset the hub to no avail yet my phone said I had wi fi but i could not connect with it even with the phone because I have it set up to use wi fi only if it is availiable and not from my data plan. I live in Cobourg and we have a rogers store here so I took in the hub and lucky for me one of the three people knew what was going on and told me about the overage cut off I feel strongly that we should have been emailed about this. I also use about 30 gigs for total 124.50 a lot of money but I have no choice for my location. also I will add they fixed my problem in store and have had no problems since

Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

I plan to stick around

Hi victor4,

I am glad you haven't had connection problems since.  However, it will be interesting to see at your next "data cut off", if you will have re-connectivity issues.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a warning?

Wouldn't it be nice if you received an email or text notification BEFORE the data being cut off?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply agree ahead of time to "accept" data over charges before being cut off?

Wouldn't if be nice if once you "accepted" the data over charge fee, that the HUB would work as usual without re-connectivity issues?

Wouldn't it be nice if all Rogers Agents were all on the same page as to re-connect customers and to properly instruct customers how to respond to this issue consistently?

Today we are up and running, but it will only be a matter of time before we experience a complete "stoppage" in our HUB.

Thanks again for keeping this string going -- someone at Rogers has to find a proper solution to this.

Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

They still are not aware. They are adamant things are fine or they insist it must be another issue, you can not call in ahead of time. 


I have not been able to test going to the page to accept data overages yet. We started shopping around for better service and are close to jumping to a new provider. 


Rogers has had ample time to warn and prepare for this. In fact the reason it has not happened sooner was because they got an extension from the CRTC. 


Rogers do you really feel this is the best customer experience you can provide? I think it is time to stop pitching the line we will forward your concerns off to somewhere for them to review, and time to react and fix a very obvious issue. 


At the very least you could ensure your agents understand this is a problem so that it does not take multiple calls or an hour of arguing to resolve and get back on line. 

Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

Hey @pembrett,


Just to add to @RogersMaude, we definitely understand your prospective and welcome all your input! I'd recommend for you and everyone else in this thread for that matter, to provide your feedback on our Share A Concern site.


Kind regards,


Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?





Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

I plan to stick around

pembrett - 

I can totally understand your frustration.  I am surprised that for the last 2 months Rogers does not have a "fix" in place yet.  I, too, have been on the phone and back and forth via live chat with multiple Rogers agents trying to fix the data cut off.  The only solution I have been able to come up with (after trial and error):

1.  go to (on a tablet, iphone, or desktop computer already connected in a wifi set up (it sometimes took multiple times to try and get onto this "backend" rogers admin page

2.  "accept" the charges

3.  Data flows again (however, intermittently)

4.  Be ready to power cycle the modem (on/off, unplug, remove battery)

5.  Cross your fingers and hope the data is up and running again

(I did find it helpful to go into the admin panel of the modem (ie. type 192.XXX.X.X (your IP address) into your web browser and type "admin" to go into the control panel.  Go to Settings .... Network Settings .... and force the connection into 4G only (away from Automatic) (you do have to "disconnect" or be offline on the modem/HUB to change the network settings)


Note: I have been cut off from data at the start of a cycle and at the end of a cycle (it is unpredictable).  Rogers needs to come up with a solution FAST (and I agree with other posts that the cut off should ONLY come into play after reaching $50 OVER the $145 tier (ie. $195) before having DATA cut off (not $50 into the plan or $50 over the $60 tier)


** Can someone at Rogers POST a solution PLEASE **




Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Its more than just an easy solution, as they HAVE TO follow the CRTC rulings on this.
My guess it will require an almost whole re-design on how the flex plans itself works.

My understanding with it... its really based off the first plan, which is where the overage is coming from.
while you go into the next 'pricing' zone... your still technically in an overage from that original plan A.

It would have to require a change.. that say its actually CHANGING plans.
once you go over an overage from A, that it switches to actually plan B.
Then at the cycle reset, auto goes back to A.
So that its now changed into B, there shouldnt be the overage cuttoff.

Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

I plan to stick around

so this does not excuse rogers from sending a simple email to explain what is going on rather than have the customer thinking his equipment is broken and spending hours trying to find out where the problem exist the hub showed we had wi fi  so the thinking was that it was from the hub into the computer either by Ethernet cable or wireless still waiting for my apology

Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?


Nobody is saying they should not follow the CRTC rule, but it's not like this was a huge surprise to them. They have known about it for months before it came into effect. That was ample time to at least warn customers that this would happen and this is the solution.

They also did no training with agents on this as the first time I called in it took over an hour for them to figure out what it was.

It's not up to us to keep chasing down a solution it is up to Rogers to fix it or provide a decent solution and I form their customers and agents.

Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

Never said it was. Was just trying to say a ‘fix’ might take a little longer.

Notifying people.. even if they didn’t have the insight to see that it would be an issue before hand, at least notifying when they did realize.

And I fully agree on the training part. I have seen it countless times myself.
Even when a new plan comes out, call in first day to change to it. Person tells me that plan doesn’t exist. Um.. yes it does, it’s right on your web page. Etc

Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

The problem is they don't even have a simple fix. They tell you go through your browser but unfortunately the message for overages goes right through to the device itself. I have been watching Netflix have it go out and then go to the browser. No message.

I don't think they will actually change the way the plans work though as they have already made new plans that cost a lot more. My guess is they will just leave it like this with the hope people will just switch to the new plans they have and pay more.

They have already proven they don't really care about the customers with this issue as they never notified them, don't train staff, and are not working on a solution.

Typical Rogers, not surprising but typical.

Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

Hello Community!


I would just like to take a moment to elaborate on how our Flex Plans work in compliance with CRTC regulations 🙂


Once a subscriber has reached a Flex Level $50 over the Monthly Service Fees from Flex Level 1, you will need to consent to further overages.


As an example if you have the following Flex Plan Monthly Service Fees:


Level 1 - $60 (up to 5GB)
Level 2 - $75 (up to 10GB)
Level 3 - $90 (up to 20GB)
Level 4 - $110 (up to 50GB)
Level 5 - $145 (up to 100GB)

In this example, once your usage goes passed 20GB, you will have reached Level 4. With the price difference between Level 1 ($60) and level 4 ($110) you will be in Overage, and your data access will be blocked until you consent to resume data usage despite being in overage.


I know it may be inconvenient for those who use this as their primary Internet access... but please understand that this is by design so that we can be compliant as of the December 1st implementation of the Wireless Code Of Conduct.


If you happen to be getting the data intercept earlier or later than what I've outlined above, please reach out to us @CommunityHelps so we can investigate and escalate your account for further review if necessary. You can find instructions on how to PM us here.


As always, thank you for your contributions and for making this Community a pleasant place to be. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon, wherever you are!




Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?










Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

I plan to stick around

I'm sorry but cutting off access to the internet without any warning or any convenient way to reactivate access is more than an "inconvenience" it's unacceptable. For the first time being a Rogers customer I am seriously considering switching to another provider and never dealing with Rogers again. Thank you for your response.

Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

I plan to stick around

Thank you pembrett for you great summary!


I also appreciate @RogersCorey for responding to our post(s).  Your summary helps establish when the data intercept will occur, however, if it was this "simple" then we wouldn't be having these problems!  The data intercept will occur at random times (ie at the beginning of the cycle, middle of the cycle or end of the cycle).  Also, not a single Rogers Agent has outlined the steps in order to solve the problem --- only community members are outlining their strategies to solve the issue!

Please, @RogersCorey , have someone outline the following steps (out line them in order and accurately please):

How to log onto the back end rogers/m/dc page? 

Do you have to use a device that is currently connected to the HUB in wifi setting? 

Does the wifi need to be turned on/off on your device to enter this rogers "back page"? 

Does the HUB need to be powered on/off and does the battery need to be taken out after "accepting" the $50 over?  

How long do we have to wait before turning the HUB back on/off?

What do we do when the HUB does not connect and allow the data to start flowing?

What are the next steps to take when the "accept" doesn't turn the data back ON?


I also agree with the previous poster stating that the "inconvenience" is UNACCEPTABLE.  Shouldn't we receive an email notification (or at least a notification within the HUB back end admin panel) BEFORE the data is cut off?  We need a warning notification BEFORE the data goes out .... not after!  (just like all cell phone users .... mobile internet users need the same type of notification before being cut off!)


Also - @RogersCorey - you nicely outlined the FLEX plans .... Why doesn't Rogers just increase their FIXED Data plans??  All of this trouble can simply be removed if you allowed FIXED plans at the same rate as the FLEX rates .... I would gladly just pay the $145 for 100GB of data at a FIXED RATE and will gladly "accept" the overage fees if I go $50 over that type of plan (ie. I reach $195) ....... This current FIXED HEAVY plan ($60 for 5GB and charge us $$ for each 5GB of data) IS NUTS!!  ...... just have an option for a new FIXED HEAVY plan!!


Thank you for your help in resolving this issue.



Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

@Dastrum wrote:

I'm sorry but cutting off access to the internet without any warning or any convenient way to reactivate access is more than an "inconvenience" it's unacceptable. For the first time being a Rogers customer I am seriously considering switching to another provider and never dealing with Rogers again. Thank you for your response.

Not saying not to switch, you have to do what you need to do.

But before you leave.. CHECK the other carriers as well, and how they are handling the issue.

If their device doesnt have an easy way of responding to the message.. or on their site, etc... you could very easily run into the exact same issue at another carrier 😞
As they would have to abide by the same CRTC rulings.. and if their flex plans are set up in much the same way..

Maybe they need to reach out to the MFG of the device itself... get them to make an interface in the unit which can receive and reply to text messages?  That can receive the warning and then could respond to it, etc?

Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

I plan to stick around

The Rocket Hub Device (MF275R) does have a SMS setting on their back end admin panel (by typing 192.XXX.X.X into your browser).  I have checked many times to see if there are any notifications in their "DEVICE SMS", or "SIM SMS" areas ..... nothing .... ever (it even shows a log of 0/100 ..... but it is always "zero" .... I have never seen a message in there!


The easiest fix is:  have a FIXED HEAVY Plan at the same rate as their top end FLEX Plan (ie.  $145 for 100GB of data)

* then apply the data intercept at $50 over the top end .... ie.  $50 over the $145 = $195.00 ...



Re: Data overage consent for Rocket Hub?

I'm a senior advisor

And within this whole discussion and communication, a solution, and well detailed explanation by @RogersCorey is very much appreciated, but a message on the forum is not formal communication to all customers, it is a clarification for this one person and others who asked on this thread, and this is the problem that Rogers has with communication.


We are often able to get clarification from a moderator who does the work to locate the official position and clarification to provide on the board,


But the CSR's, and other contact sources, even an email, a phone call, an SMS, etc doesn't consistently show up.


Rogers was actually given 2 months extension to February to come up with a solution by the CRTC and to communicate it to the CRTC and to the customer,  -  this ongoing lack of communication and clarity and yes, proactivity within Rogers, is why I am so fed up with the company and why I no longer have any loyalty to the company any more, and am in the process of moving my services elsewhere.


It may not be better elsewhere, but I will take the risk, I am tired of hearing these stories on the forums, doing my best to explain, and for a long supporting and explaining CRTC and Rogers decisions, but no more will I do that.

I agree with the statements above by people about the issues of proactive, communication and other items, and this has proven to be very obvious in the recent Pay as You go changes, and this one as well.


Yes, I agree you are working to be in compliance with CRTC, as you must be, but that doesn't stop the company from providing communication, or did they just not bother to worry about it.  Makes me wonder.



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