Data limit - restricted to a certain area?

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Data limit - restricted to a certain area?

I live in Vancouver but I travel to Edmonton frequently.  I thought my data limit (3GB) was Canada-wide but I have found that each time I go there, my data limit is reached within days of arriving.  This is despite having wifi in many areas (my work, hotel, family homes).  


Is your data plan tied to your home location?  I have never gone over my limit in Vancouver.

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Re: Data limit - restricted to a certain area?

Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your post @alistaircom,


This is definitely an odd issue. The data included in our plans is typically nationwide. The amount of data used is not impacted by where you are within the country. Did you start receiving data overage notifications just recently? Do you have more than one line sharing the data on your account? Does the MyRogers app show that you're currently in overage?


Have you noticed a change in how you've been using data recently? If you've been receiving these notifications but don't think you've ever exceeded the allotted data, I would recommend you to review your invoices to ensure you're not being billed for overages. 


We haven't been notified for any customers experiencing a spike in usage due to change in location.


Just need a little bit more info to assist you further 🙂.







I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Data limit - restricted to a certain area?

No change to the way I use the phone.  A good example:  


I came to Edmonton on Jan 26th, with a fair amount of data left on my account which I share with my wife.  She rarely uses the phone outside of the house, so almost entirely Wifi.  Within 3 days of getting here, I got a notice saying I hit 90% of my data, which I have only ever had happen 3 times, all of them when I come to Edmonton.  Over the next 3 days, my data continued to go up and I nearly hit overage until my monthly reset.


Checking my account, I see that it is 5GB shared data on our plan, not 3GB as I previously mentioned, and we have never gone over other than when we visit Edmonton. My data went way up from the 27th to the 31st. I had to switch to Airport Mode to keep my phone from blasting through my data cap.



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Re: Data limit - restricted to a certain area?

Are you using gps while driving around Edmonton?
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