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Data Only Plan

Is it possible to register an iPhone for a data only plan on Rogers LTE? This, I would assume, is similar to just having an iPad connected to LTE. Thanks.


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Re: Data Only Plan

Hello @StylesFamily,


Thanks for posting your question on the Community Forums Smiley Happy. You can sign up for a Tab plan if you'd like data only on your iPhone. Please click here for more details. 




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Re: Data Only Plan

Hello @StylesFamily

As RogersHassam said, there is a Tab Plan which can get u just data on your device!. You can click on the link or contact Rogers via Live Chat, calling in o visiting a Rogers store!

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Re: Data Only Plan

I may be reading the information at the link wrong, but it appears to be talking about tablets and you must have a share anything plan, so it appears to be an add-on to a plan providing data for your tablet, doesn't mention iPhone.


Correct me if I am reading this wrong, but that seems to be what it is saying on the site.



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Re: Data Only Plan



That is correct, the link provides information on tablet plans, however it is not a must that you have to be on a Share Everything plan.

There is an option for a Flex Rate plan as well.

Click on the "Non-Sharable Plan" tab beside the "Share Everything" tab to get more information.


We offer data plans for various different wireless internet devices as long as it is in our compatible list of devices.


@StylesFamily Please send us a private message @CommunityHelps when you are online if you would like for us to look into the compatibility of using your iPhone on a data only plan.





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Re: Data Only Plan


So here's my question: I have a teenager here that wants his own cellphone :-)
Now, he doesn't need voice. He rarely, if ever, makes phone calls and when he needs to he uses Skype or Messenger anyway. So what he needs really is a phone with a data connection, no voice. I already have a tablet on my Share Everything plan with mobile internet. It's great because for only 10$ per month, this tablet rides on my data plan. Since I still had my previous (and unused) phone, I thought I would simply take the SIM card out of the tablet and put into the phone and off he goes. Well it didn't work, seems the SIM card is locked to that tablet.
So I was wondering is it actually possible to get a data-only phone to ride on my plan? That would be less expensive that adding a new cell line that he's not going to be using anyway.
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Re: Data Only Plan

I didnt think that you COULD lock it to a specific piece of hardware.. the sim card itself.

The hardware itself could be locked to a specific carrier, if the phone or tablet was say on Bell, and not Rogers.

I have heard of people who have put a sim from an iphone in a ipad tablet and have it work.. so I dont see why it wouldnt work the other way..

Now, going with a Data only.. he would not have access to TEXTING either.
Only any data based messaging (facebook messenger, skype, etc), imessage to other apple devices would work. but not to any android based texting, etc.

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Re: Data Only Plan

I'm trying to do the same thing here. Have you had any luck with this?

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Re: Data Only Plan

I took the sim card out of my tab-e and put it in my note 8. It does work, but I get charged extra for any phone calls or texts. I have the share everything plan.

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Re: Data Only Plan

How much extra? with fido its $1 per minutes voice and $0.45 per txt , I assume rogers would be similar rates (in case he needs to use it for emergencies)

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