Customer loyalty but Rogers loyalty?

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Re: Customer loyalty but Rogers loyalty?

I feel your pain. Can't hardly ve vothered to even call and try and have a discussion. With retention department. Waste of time. Bell might even be worse. Had ok experience dealing with telus on my mother's behalf (she is a senior) ... contact the ccts they'll sort it out
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Re: Customer loyalty but Rogers loyalty?

I have been a Rogers' customer for 35 years. Every year, I battle the company for a fair and reasonable price. Well it's that time again and I dread it. My present promotion ends on March 4th - Rogers wants me to switch to Ignite. If I switch it's more expensive than what I am presently paying. If I don't switch to Ignite, my monthly fee is even more. I guess I will have to finally switch and bite the bullet and go to Bell. Bell is offering an amazing first time customer price for my internet, tv and landline. I really don't want the hassle of switching, but I just can't afford to pay more for the same service.

Rogers, you have given me so much trouble the last few years that maybe it's just time for me to move on. I guess you have enough customers that u don't really need to keep the old customers happy.



I've Been Around
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Re: Customer loyalty but Rogers loyalty?

This evening my BF from his residence received a call from Rogers asking him to switch from Bell to them. This was a really good deal!, my BF passed the phone to me and I told Rogers I was a Rogers ignite customer for years and I would like the deal they just offered. I guess I caught them off guard but politely said they could NOT make that offer and would transfer me. Someone in Windsor took my call and had no idea how to help me but would put me on hold and find someone who could- but after 18 min on hold British Columbia answered and we started all over again. That person after placing me on hold a few times came back and said “Rogers can NOT change your plan” not by one cent due to too many customers working from home during COVID. The difference they are offering new customers is $50 less a month that I am currently paying.
So now I’ll need to take the offer another provider is offering. Waste of my time and Rogers I don’t work from home.
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