Customer loyalty but Rogers loyalty?

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Customer loyalty but Rogers loyalty?

What determines you replying to some customers and not others? Just another case of being ignored by Rogers. If this doesn't prove my point, I don't know what does.

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Re: Customer loyalty but Rogers loyalty?

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Re: Customer loyalty but Rogers loyalty?

Almost a 20 year customer, and I just cancelled all 3 of my services with Rogers. My bundle was expiring, and the price went up every time I initiated a discussion about renewing it. 

I used to have 4 services with Rogers, but they lost my wireless business almost two years ago; same scenario. A week after I was enjoying the service from my new provider, Rogers calls and "wants me back" - offering a great package, better than I had with the new provider. Too late. Even though it would have saved me money, I didn't switch back to Rogers.

Understanding that a service (and to be honest the service has been good) is being provided, I am more than willing to pay for it - a reasonable price that say a NEW customer would get. Even alternative packages, discussing my Internet needs, seeing if there were other bundles/speeds and talking to me about shuffling plans, etc. - none of that was even attempted. 

It's disappointing to see a company work hard to gain a customer back, rather than work hard to keep them in the first place. Just like with my wireless service, I won't be back.