Customer loyalty but Rogers loyalty?

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Customer loyalty but Rogers loyalty?



I would like to first start this off first by saying that I have been a Rogers Wireless customer since 2002'ish and have never jumped ship, despite the questionable service I have received in the past.  Every time I have to deal with addressing my account on any subject matter, I generally do not feel the love yet I keep by coming back for more


Previously I had a special discount applied to my account because of my employer, however since I am no longer employed by this company as soon as I make a change I loose this discount, which I totally understand and accept.  I went into a Rogers store and inquired about changing my phone.  The CSR advised that nothing can be done to my account unless I contact Rogers support and update my plan.  I contacted Rogers support and Rogers support was less than helpful with providing anything remotely close plan and the "best" they could do was not even in the same ballpark.  Despite having a 17 year relationship with Rogers, they would not meet me in the middle.


Online, brand new customers to Rogers receive far better deals, even to what I was discounted prior, and yet veteran customers are treated like garbage essentially.  Its like Rogers wants to loose your business.   So where is Rogers loyalty to their customers?  I can (and am) switching to either Telus or Bell (Since Fido is a subsidiary of Rogers), and will have a far better plan that what I am currently receiving.  I will just have to endure some inconvenience to port out my number to another company, but a $50 savings per month ($600/year) I would say is worth it.


These conglomerate businesses do not value their existing customers, so why should the customers stick with them.  Why not just change companies every few years?  Rogers has no loyalty, why should we.




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Re: Customer loyalty but Rogers loyalty?

Hello @Josh_,


We certainly value all our customers and definitely do appreciate long time customers such as yourself for your business. I realize employee discounts can be quite lucrative, but before you do decide to switch providers I would like to review your account and see if we can offer you any alternate pricing options.


Please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps so we can get started. Not sure how our private message system works? Please click here to learn more 🙂.


Looking forward to hearing from you.