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Customer Surveys

Just completed a customer survey. My original reason for calling Rogers was simple. I crossed the border into the USA and got a text about Roam Like Home. Because we spend a lot of time in the USA and have relatives there, I changed my plan to International last month, which gives me all the international calling features, so Roam Like Home would not apply. When I called the representative telephone number on the text, the person who answered the phone was difficult to understand, spoke too quickly and not into his microphone. English is my second language, therefore I have an ear for accents, so it is particularly frustrating not to be able to understand a service rep. Eventually, and after many “could you please repeat that’ queries, my question was answered....I think. We’ll see when the bill comes in. I received the survey telephone call and the questions asked did not allow me to express or gauge any measure of my frustration. Yes, my simple question was answered eventually but not without much prompting on my part. I even had to tell him to look up my phone number!! There is an obvious hierarchy in Rogers representatives. The Rogers sales folks are amazing but the Roam like Home and other lower ranking reps are not of the same caliber. It is not the reps fault that someone put him in a position where his language and speaking abilities are not adequate. There is a big difference between a hearty: “hi, I’m Ahmed in Moncton, New Brunswick” and a tentative, shaky “hello, what’s your date of birth and postal code” heavily accented mumble. Also, a simple, “were you able to understand the representative” question on your survey, might help collect relative data for staff training purposes. Love my Rogers cell phone. It’s the best.
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Re: Customer Surveys

Hello @Dutchman2


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 


Thank you for your post! We appreciate you providing us with your feedback by completing the Customer Survey. As a customer myself, I know how frustrating it can be trying to discuss an important matter with someone and not being able to understand them properly. In the end, it makes a simple inquiry that much more complicated and takes up more than your time that is needed. 


I will be more than happy to pass along your feedback to the team that works with the Surveys. We are very receptive to customer feedback and cannot thank you enough for taking the time to provide us with your experience.