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Customer Service

I've been around

I dont really know how rogers have clients. I needed a really big amount of pacience just to be able to get plan. Take too long just to do some easy thing.
I tried 3 times, and just at the thirth I get the plan, and I have the papers and everything, that is nedded. Seams that the operaters are not professional, and don't know how to do things, one say one thing, other says another.
Maybe the person that its in charge of rogers, just want the money. Because if he try to call rogers or go via online chat and get a plan, he will get upset, because spending 40/50 minutes just to get a simple plan, already with a one in mind before calling its crazy.


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Re: Customer Service


Hi @Fabiocnoliveira, welcome to the Community!


We're always aiming for a best in class customer service experience. It's definitely not ideal when a customer has an experience otherwise. Please let us know if we can help in any way.


As far as the wait times are concerned, we have several different platforms for support aside from the traditional phone and chat support. I always recommend messaging us via one of our social media platforms to avoid long wait times over the phone and chat. Please click here and choose a product to see the different methods of contacting us.





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