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Customer Service - Feedback

I've been around

Major Service interruptions all through May, June and July 2022.

Filed Tickets.  Called. Issue under investigation.

Demand compensation for days of no service on Rogers bundle including phone, internet etc...during WFH in pandemic.
Rogers tells me they can not compensate me until investigation completed - but wait weeks and no follow up.

Call to find out - they tell me still under investigation.

Call a few times to escalate - wait 40 minutes then get a rep - 30 minutes with them - then they disconnect.  No one calls back - so I have to start all process again by calling back in waiting and waiting etc... new rep disconnected while on hold for 40 minutes.  No call back.

This is a telecom company - they have my number - but they never call back when disconnected - and on that point why is Rogers - again a Telco have a telephonic customer service system that fails more than all other companies I deal with combined - and on top of that all other companies I deal with that I get disconnected on calls from - they always call me back right away.

Yep - 7 months later - no resolution and just called and waited an hour and matter still under investigation - so no refund or compensation.  Rogers what a company! 




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Re: Customer Service - Feedback


Good afternoon,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Sorry to hear about your recent experiences with customer service. I see that you've reached out via private message, and we are happy to continue the conversation on there.





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