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Customer Service Feedback

I've been around

The only thing going for you is that you are a monopoly.  It is robbery how you do business and overcharge for lousy service let alone services with "known issues".

I have spent hours the last 2 days contacting your organization speaking to a mixture of agents that range from being absolutely horrible at customer service to very helpful.  First suggestion, an agent should ask a customer what they are calling for before assuming they know, reading notes on accounts and starting to speak about something that isn't what I am calling about.  Furthermore, the best is when they have no clue what the issue is and state they are going to transfer me to customer service.  The very department I originally started with that advised me to contact the loyalty department.  Actually, they sent a ticket of which the loyalty department was to contact me but never did.  When I asked the agent "what I was calling for" and she stated I don't know, but, somehow she determined the customer service department was going to be more helpful.  I asked for her manager he was rather resourceful and helpful.  3 hours later on the phone (not including hold time) he made all the necessary adjustments to my account. ..ty


Later that evening, once I arrived at home, the TV channels did not work.  Called Rogers today, passed around 3 times.  Again because the first agent was poor and passed me to another department of which that was not the right place (at least she was service oriented and provided me with a tip for future calls), she transferred me to the 3rd department and again this man was service oriented and helpful.  He took various steps to try to help me only to discover my issue is a "known" rogers issue.  great!!!  He advised if the problem persisted to call back later that evening.

Fast forward to tonight, 3 online chats later and now my tv went from channels not working, to working, to freezing to a black / blank tv not working at all to being told it is a "known" rogers issue and if i want to be notified of the issue.  Please remind me, what exactly am I paying for?


Lastly, my email issue that I gave up on, I was also told today is a "known" rogers issue for the last year.





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Re: Customer Service Feedback


Greetings @tlebuffe ,


We appreciate you joining us in the forums and taking the time to leave such detailed feedback about your experience and interactions with us. I'm awfully disappointed to hear that some of them haven't been up to standard. 😞


Customer service is extremely important to us and we want every interaction to be as positive and seamless as possible. We take your comments very seriously and will forward them to the appropriate teams for review. It will certainly help us improve and be better moving forward.


I am happy to hear that you were able to receive assistance with your billing concerns. If we are able to confirm that there is a known outage or service issue happening, we will gladly provide an adjustment for the affected days (usually after the issue has been fully resolved).


You've mentioned that you also had an issue with your email. Have you tried searching our community forums for any existing threads on the topic? Feel free to share the details here or by creating a new post and we'll do our best to help out. 🙂


Kind regards,





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