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Re: Customer Incentives

@User14 :


Via this forum:


Via Share a concern:


Or you call the Rogers number and ask for retentions, however, you may need to talk to the regular CSR first and sometimes they have "authority" for deals, sometimes not.

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Re: Customer Incentives

Yes, it can be a gamble trying to get an offer that will keep you.  Kind of a game of roulette.


In general, it takes me about 3 calls, I get the best they say they offer, take the ID number and if I am not satisfied, I say I will think on it and call back.


Next person may be better and also, offers do change constantly, and some people know more about offers than others do.  Frustration as you know what for sure, but I am retired, I have time.  Shouldn't have to be this way, but it is.


I now view this process as one of those, if I have had it, I just walk.  And I would have the next company do the work for me of all the cancellations and I just confirm.


But back to how to get through the phone maze.


Here is how I got there the last few times.  Just tested it now.


From contact phone numbers in Contact us section on web site.


Choose add to your existing services - yes I know that makes no sense - no mention of change services.


The number there is

Add to Existing Services:

1 855 381-7834


Yeh, I know, still saying only to add - not intuitive at all.


Now the maze


Will answer you have reached Rogers and offer for service in French.


- Then listen through that they have updated their security and you can go to web site to follow step by step changes to secure your email, or if you want more information press #


Made it through first message - wait, hum, sing, dance what ever you prefer.



1 - billing

2 - tech

3 - can't remember

4 - Sales

You want to wait for prompt number for sales.


When in there, ignore the first three prompts - the first three are all about unlock, lost, move


4 - is for change

Smiley Surprised  5 - is for cancellations - that is the one you want - it will ask you if you are phoning from the number for the account, or you can put in the number associated to your home services - wireless and home are two different departments.


There is an option for more

first it directs you to - just in case you haven't heard that one before!!


Then make a payment - yeh, I know, wouldn't that be billing - I didn't say there was logic to these lists.

Change your PIN - boy is that one deep in.

(next can't read my writing), next is changes - once again.

last one is 5 - all other requests - that will take you to a real person - no idea what department or level.

Or you could choose to go all the way back to the start if you got lost. I did say it was a maze - don't drift off in the middle (I often do), you will start all over again.


You want the cancellations department.


They will ask how they can help you.


This is the first invitation, that provides me the chance that it is challenging for me to work through these discussions due to cognitive challenges, and so they need to be patient and I may ask them to slow down as I write everything.


Hope fully you have a listing of all your channels - all new changes, you get that in the confirmation with also the terms, the changes, and the summary of details.  Check that closely when you get that and go back to same department if anything differs.  The one I did last year, I had to get 5 corrections - it took a week to complete all together, but we finally got it right, plus small credit for inconvenience, which I requested.


If you run into problems getting them to get you back, at least financially and term and product mix through whatever magic they have to do with credits, or clicking buttons, then begin escalation process.  Mine took 5 calls, because when I made the change, I changed all services, and at that point they didn't have the mandatory detail change document which is very clear now, and it took a few calls to catch all the things that were missed - like wrong bonus channel chosen, BCB not applied to cell phones - still available at the time, then they picked a wrong DTA to return but didn't tell me the serial number, so I took the wrong one, and finally, BCB to add-on services on Cable - not the Cable package, but the add-ons like equipment, and channels.  The discounts are on the package and BCB did not apply.


Before you get off the phone, make sure they go over all things that will change - one by one comparison of your channel mix - they can see your list, and compare it to the new one, have them verbally go through each channel you currently have, and what you gained or lost and price including discounts and taxes.


Do this with all components of your services - have a recent bill in front of you.


Also get them to tell you any time restrictions for the discounts, terms, cancellation fees, etc. 


In your script, go in telling them exactly what you are after in terms of services, using your old one - what can you keep, and are there any discounts - avoid discussion about other companies - personally I have not found that to beneficial.


Know in your own mind what you are willing to pay, and what services you have and what you willing to lose (these days if you are coming off an old plan, you will lose something for sure), and if you want to keep it, what you are willing to pay for it.


Be polite, don't get into confrontation, and if at the end you are not fully satisfied, then have them document it, ask if they can send you a quote, and also have them go over every detail with you and confirm you have exactly the same things written down.  Get their name and interaction ID.  Then indicate that you will think on it.


In my case, the one other thing I was open about was that financially the price on my plan was going up in a couple of months, our desired mix of services were changing, and that I wanted to get a ball park of what was available to me now, because I have tough decisions to make - all just the plain truth.  I also had the person on the phone go through all promotional packages he had available for me, and working from fact that I said I may consider a small price increase (Cost of living I can accept, but my budget is my budget).  He went through a whole range of options and actually didn't mention some of them other than the basics of it to say I would be losing a lot and not saving much, but if I wanted to consider it why not.


We ended with the changes that we made with one shift in the promotion I was on, and clear direction that currently, the only way I can see savings at the level I am looking for is to reduce my cable, or drop home phone, but I made it clear that I will think it all over and if I am reducing services, I will be looking at all options of cutting cord, HD antenna, VOIP, wholesalers of Internet services, the whole mix.  We left off with some small savings, same remaining term services and discounts, and that I can check in July and Aug to see what promotions and possibilities are there as my prices jump dramatically in September.


It is a long process - 40 minute wait on the phone - I just put it on speaker - no offer to have call back to me, sometimes they do - and about one hour of discussing my service and price desires and limitations and changing future, and him doing a lot of work slicing and dicing offers.  In my case, I will say that I was already on a very good offer worked out the same way last year - that one took 5 calls of I will think about it and get back to you - it allowed my wife and I to clarify what we were willing to do and we had also done our shopping around.


As I mentioned, I don't give them a price comparison except to say I am looking at all service options available in my area.  Kind of like car shopping - I don't like having to do it this way - I wish as I said earlier that they would just put their prices "on the window", not the suggested retail prices that you find on cars, but the dealers who say that is the price - do you want it. Sure they then haggle on financing, attempting to upsell options, warranties, and your trade in, but it takes one negotiation off the table - Rogers can play with discounts for loyalty, and the person I had was the home services, he suggested I look at my wireless plans too (I had already done the same with those earlier).


But this is they way they want to work, and at the end of the day, we have to make sure we are clear on what they offered - ask a lot of questions, don't let them rush you, and know what you want, are willing to give up, and willing to pay, knowing that you are working from the new customer offers that you can see, and they can put something together less than their "list prices for new customers". and it remains possible that the person on the phone only has the capacity to meet or be slightly higher than the other company - that is why I never get into that.  I want their offer on the table, then I will see what others offer.


Good luck first with getting through the maze and hope that what I described is helpful.


Read this site from CRTC - I am just following their templates of how to think about services.


There are other helpful checklists and suggestions on the main site too -


For wireless, search all the documentation on wireless code.


All the documents are excellent and clear and you can work with knowing what your rights are around the service detail summary, the listing of channels, etc.


Personally, I would like to see the service detail summary list given out before we agree, like a quote - I have never asked.  Last time I asked, they said, it doesn't get created until they enter and approve it all verbally from me.


That is why I right it all down.


Good luck everybody - but always remember, at the end of the day, you may not get what you are hoping for, but as mentioned by someone else, don't get pushy, or greedy - but it is also in our case, it is a large financial cost over a year and when your money is tight, you may have to just walk away.  There are options out there, even though I know, for me with 27+ continuous years with Rogers, and over around 40 lifetime years broken by moves out of their service areas, it is hard to make change.







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Re: Customer Incentives

Too Good too be true??


Hello Everyone,


I heard that Rogers was contacting former customers and offering them the same 5GB/60 dollar deal or similar.


Recently, I was contacted by a company representing Rogers and they had offered me the following:


iPhone 8-64GB @ $0

$200 Account credit

Activation Fee waived

Plan that is *80/month but with 2 year sign on they will reduce it by 20% to $64 per month.


I explained I left because I wanted my wife on the same plan with a new phone as she had a grandfathered Techers Plan. They offered a second phone with all the same perks as listed above. I asked repeatedly if there was an "extra" charge or TAB. They said no. 64/month for 2 years for both phones. Nothing out of pocket or charged to my account other than my new plan. After 2 years of course it would go back to 80/month but my contract would be up and the phones mine to do with what I please at that time.


So I ask this community?? Sound too good to be true?? I signed up for it and the Phones are on their way. What I didn't like was that I asked if the details/disclaimers could be emailed me to review. They said they couldn't do that until after I ordered. Worst case is I return everything before I activate. just wouldn't mind peoples 2 cents as I am still a bit leary returning to Rogers.



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Re: Customer Incentives

Thinking of moving to WIND?


I've been with Rogers wireless for 22 years!
Had my share of problems and never have I come out on top.I remember paying hundreds a month in the beginning.
To make a long story short:
I pay $35 talk and text
Wind is offering me same plan PLUS 6GB DATA PLUS A BRAND NEW SAMSUNG S8 for $50 a month......thats $25 a month for the plan with 6GB of data and another $25 a month for the S8
I think it's a no brainer,but just trying to find oit how good the service is.

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Re: Customer Incentives

The only thing to be careful about Wind is coverage.  although an interesting one - in my area, coverage into our homes due to layout is poor from all three major carriers, but Wind just dropped new antennas to provide full coverage along the 407 extension, which means I see very strong Wind signals on my phone, but I don't think there is a extended coverage place to pop onto their network.  There are two very strong Wind signals now where I can barely get 1 or 2 bars of LTE anywhere in my home or backyard.  I can see the tower from Rogers on a church tower in sight of me, but it can't get into the walls of all homes facing north and south with east west walls.  The Rogers tower I grab comes in my front door hallway from a tower 2.5 km down the road.


When we moved in there was no coverage in the house at all and as houses expanded, the coverage dropped out outside too.  I can at least get a few bars though, but as one tech support said, if you are on 1 or 2 bars on LTE, you are basically getting 2 or 3.


In our town, we have a local telecom Internet installer maintainance company and computer and networks, who sell a lot of celluar access boosters to get signals into your home.





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Re: Customer Incentives

Was wondering if Rogers does? Or ever will do price matching on Freedom Mobiles price plans???
I've been with Rogers for 22 years!! Every time I call and ask if they can offer me a deal close to freedoms they say they can't!? I'm not a smooth talker to stay on the the line and negotiate a good planI HAVE NO CHOICE but to leave.My Loyalty of 22 years should mean more to Rogers.I believe we are their bread and butter....and eventually this should show up on their $books$.
It's a shame in my younger years Loyalty meant everything!

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Re: Customer Incentives

Once and a blue moon they have..  (usually though you have to fully own the device, not be on any contract, etc.)

But generally no they dont.
But there are differences between the companies as to why somewhat.
(now, this is not defending rogers prices.. i definitely think they could be lower than they are)

One big thing is coverage area.
If your someone who lives in toronto or just north of it, missisauga, etc... waterloo, etc.. And generally just travel in those areas, your probably fine.
But their coverage area is a LOT smaller.  If you live/commute further north, you can easily run into their extended area, where you will likely get roaming charges.  Go a little north east/west of here? often NO coverage.

So for someone who lives/works in the toronto area, etc.. Freedom can be a much better choice.
But not for everyone.

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Re: Customer Incentives

I am on an a grandfathered old package.i was going to make a change and upgrade to a lot of new channels. I was gonna start with the select pkg and add from there upping my bill too. Now i see they have removed all the sports from it and all the other pkg's as well and upped the price $5.00 to boot. I'm gonna now check out other providers as rogers has no value for the money in any pkg anymore, Driving people away seems an odd way to do business.

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Re: Customer Incentives

Good evening @phil57,


Thanks for posting! Smiley Wink

Having a cable package tailored to your needs and budget is essential!


We value your business and thank you for being a Rogers customer.

I am sure we could find an offer that would meet your expectations.


If you would like our assistance in finding the cable package that is best for you, please send a private message to our @CommunityHelps inbox. You can learn how to do so, here.



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Re: Customer Incentives

I have renewed my contract with Roger's. Someone called me and advised the only way I get my deal is to cancel my service, go to Bell and and then signup again with Roger's. I find this very shady.