Contract Cancellation

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Contract Cancellation

So me and my entire family are under a contract for the past 2 years that I'd like to get rid of. I was promised a 2 year contract back in March of 2012 and that it would end (for my line) in March of this year, but it didn't. Same with another line that my mother uses. But what I really want to know is if I decide to cancel, do I have to pay the entire penalty fee upfront or do I have the option of paying the fees off over time. Note that I was told my cancellation would be a varying mix of the hundreds for 3 lines that I want over with.



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Re: Contract Cancellation

Hello Marl01

Depending on your contract, if you were told then and now that your contact is done then you can cancel anytime but u need to pay a $15 disconnection fee. No other fees other then that and your last months payment.

Also the other lines would depend on when you activated them and how long they have left. If all of them started the same time, then you shouldn't have to pay anything other then what i said above.

The best thing to do is contact Rogers via calling them or go into a Rogers corporate store and they will show you everything and answer all the questions you have about this.
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Re: Contract Cancellation

If you were promised a 2-year contract but was actually put on a 3-year contract, generally the department in charge of cancellations would have to go through the notes to where your contract was started and see if the person who activated your contract made notes of this. If there are no notes, they would have to go by Rogers poilicy and apply a cancellation fee but they can also provide a credit for a certain amount, if not all, since you were promised otherwise.


A lot of providers get you in that way, they have a rep put you on a 3-year contract when it was actually supposed to be a 2-year contract. I'm so glad the 3-year contracts are gone..