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Re: Consumer Loyalty Discount

@antelig wrote:

Hey Rogers Community,


Just got a bad experience while re-negotiating my Loyalty offer for Internet/TV/Home phone bundle, that ended up this month.

The price I was given, is higher that I can see, available online, and quite a bit higher, than price in previous offer.

Quite a few customers have reported that they have been unable to renew discounts on Digital TV (and other legacy services) since Ignite TV became generally available.  The only prices online are for Ignite TV, Internet and Home Phone; the Rogers agents cannot apply similar pricing for legacy services, so you can't compare them.  Also, at some point, Rogers WILL shut down Digital TV completely.


Have you tried reaching out to the @CommunityHelps  team (by sending them a Private Message) to see if they have any different offers available?  If you own any NextBox set-top boxes or PVRs and choose to switch to Ignite, ask Rogers whether they are still offering bill credits for trading in your old equipment.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Consumer Loyalty Discount

05/11/20...I've had problems over the past few weeks with  Home Phone & pricing ($6.00 increase on tv). I contacted the Loyalty Dept., & all they would offer to do for me was to reduce my internet, go down to 150 which would save me $10.00/month. The alternative to the tv would be to reduce the package content. Not going to happen. I've been a customer for 27 years..on a fixed income., & add the problems I've been having..I'd say the Loyalty Discount certainly is not what it once was. Dont' go calling them expecting to get a great deal, I don't think it will happen. If you do get a good reduction, I'm glad for you.  Saying "I saw an offer from a competitor which will cost me less" won't work either. 

Long gone are the days where Rogers would do more to keep you as their customer. 

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Consumer Loyalty Discount

I tried to negotiate a better price to no avail. The increase of $6.00 to the tv package was a surprise, considering I had an agreement with a Rogers employee back in Sept. that the price of my package would not increase for a period of one year. The fellow on the phone a few moments ago said that the proposed tv increase was put out or was to be put out back in the Summer, but Rogers was asked to delay that...because of what was going on with Covid. 

I guess being a loyal customer for 27 years doesn't count for anything. 

By the way..I think it was a TERRIBLE idea that Rogers came out with. TV, Internet, & home phone all on the same

modem. If one goes down, everything goes down. You can't reboot just the internet modem if needed.

Getting back to the fellow on the phone. He suggested I could lower the tv package content ( no way that was going to happen), or lower the internet to 150. I opted to lower the internet to 150 which would result in a $10.00 saving.

Big deal. 

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Re: Consumer Loyalty Discount

I was able to get a deal by contacting Rogers through a PM on their Facebook page. We currently subscribe to Digital TV with the Premier TV package, Internet 150, and Home Phone. We had a promo offer that gave us $100 off the package. It was a 2-year deal that ran out last month. After contacting Rogers on Facebook, we were able to get a one-year deal offering us a savings of $55 per month. We accepted, as we are not yet ready to switch to Ignite TV - too many glitches from I read on here. While obviously not as good a deal as our last one, it will still save us $660 per year.