Completely Broken Phone

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Completely Broken Phone

My phone went through the wash cycle and is completely broken. Do I have any protection on my phone. What is the cheapest way to replace the same phone?


Thank you


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Re: Completely Broken Phone

Hello @daosmond

If you are paying the device protection on your monthly bill then you could call Asurion ( i believe that's how u spell it) and put a claim in. They will tell you how much you would need to pay to get a refurbished device.

If you do not pay for the device protection then you other two choices are doing a hardware upgrade. Check and see how much your flex tab is. If it's not much you could get the same device you have if Rogers does carry it still.

Your other option is checking online like Kijiji or eBay and see if someone is selling the same phone as your but is a Canadian model or works with Rogers. Always make sure you ask or the IMEI number and check it on the Blacklist site the government has made to make sure it hasn't been stolen or lost. Also test the device when you meet up the person before taking it.
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Re: Completely Broken Phone

Hello @daosmond


I am going to add to @Meowmix info. (And yes that's how you spell it, Asurion).


1st option is Asurion.

Their website is Here: Asurion


If you are paying device protection $8 or $11 (based on the device you have covered) per month on your bill, then you can make a claim with Asurion.


There are 2 other options by Rogers.


2nd option is Hardware upgrade, which will entail your remainder of balance of your current device (if you have any left) + $20 connection fee, to activate a new device + the cost of the new phone (if it isn't a $0 upfront).


3rd option is Out of Warranty Replacement (OOW): This is when your device is out of warranty, either by physical or water damage or past the 1 year manufacture warranty. You can BUY a refurbished phone directly from rogers for less than half the cost of the phone at full retail. When you buy the out of warranty refurbished phone, you do not pay your flextab, as you aren't subsidizing it. If your current term is less than 1 year remaining, it will reset to 1 year remaining. if it's more than 1 year, it won't affect you. Not all devices are available this way and is based on inventory.

You can call customer service to request an Out of Warranty replacement and it will be billed to you on your next invoice and the phone will be shipped to you. (This is NOT done at a store, as store inventory does not carry this.)


These are official rogers options.


The 4th option is as @Meowmix stated, is 3rd party; like Kijiji, Craigslist, eBay. 

If you go through the 4th option, I would highly recommend you heed @Meowmix's warning and test the device and confirm that it is NOT blacklisted. (Blacklisted device will not work on Rogers' network.


Hope this helps!



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