Charged for using Wi-Fi Calling on an Apple iPhone

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Charged for using Wi-Fi Calling on an Apple iPhone

I have a concern.
When I am using wifi calling, data turned off on airplane mode, cellular assist for wifi is off.
 Why am I being charged for using someone else or my personal wifi? Be it mine or cogeco or a business wifi.
I can call on messenger or what’s app with no charges why am I charged by rogers?
Wifi should be free.
I am not using rogers I am using some other companies wifi.
 I think this is terrible.


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Re: Charged for using Wi-Fi Calling on an Apple iPhone

Do you use a vpn service ?  I had a similar problem, but found out that while I was using the wifi calling, my vpn was logged to a server outside the rogers internet network and had to pay the long distance charges.

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Re: Charged for using Wi-Fi Calling on an Apple iPhone

WiFi calling is not designed to avoid paying, but rather to give you a better connection if cellular is poor or not available.


Please see the following FAQ.  Look at "Billing Questions" along with the other FAQs:


As you noted, you can use WhatsApp (if you don't mind giving information to FB, but it's more popular outside North America, so the people you wish to contact must have the App), or iMessages to iDevices for "free.", etc.

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Re: Charged for using Wi-Fi Calling on an Apple iPhone

57 is correct, wifi calling is just a different way for your cellphone to connect to the network bypassing the towers and using wifi. Calls made over wifi still count towards your specific plan package. so if you get charged for making calls on the cellphone network, your gonna get charged when on wifi calling too.

Why do we even have wifi calling then you ask? well lets say you live in a subdivision where your too far away from a rogers tower, you get no signal in your home unless you go down the end of your street, so you turn on wifi calling ,your phone now has full signal bars aka mad seeg instead of sad seeg which is low or no signal bars, so you CAN make and receive calls now, you still have to honour your rate plan but you get the added benefit of getting seeg (signal)where no seeg is present