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Changing province

Hi, I am shifting from Saskatchewan to Ontario. Can keep same number and same plan. As there are different wireless plans in Saskatchewan and Ontario.



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Re: Changing province

Not sure.. if you change the billing address.. they MIGHT make you change?

Generally there should be no issues keeping the number and plan otherwise so to speak..
BUT.. anyone that would be calling you on it from Ontario, would be paying Long Distance fees to call you, as your number is located out there.


@Meowmix might have a little more info. 

But best bet would be talking to Rogers directly.

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Re: Changing province

What happens with my plan when moving provinces?


Thinking about moving from Saskatchewan to BC later this year and am wondering how my cell phone plan would work. Mainly since plans are considerably cheaper in Saskatchewan than they are in BC. I've still got like a year and a half left on my current contract. 


Would changing my cell phone number from a Sask one to a BC one force me onto a more expensive BC plan?

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Re: Changing province

Hello @Kaero,


Welcome to the Community 🙂!


BC sounds great! I realize plans available for Saskatchewan customers are really cost effective. However if you're looking to change your cellphone number to one in BC you would have to change your current plan to one that's available for the local area. Since the telephone number change would be due to a new location there will be no cost associated with it.


In order for you to maintain a region specific price plan, you have to ensure your billing address and cellphone number belong to the same region. 


Good luck with the upcoming move! Feel free to reach back out if you have any more questions.