Changing Wireless Plan?

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Re: Changing Wireless Plan?

Is it possible to change from the $80 500MB Share Everything plan to a $75 5GB Corporate plan? How many lines can you have under a corporate account?
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Re: Changing Wireless Plan?

If I change my plan, but i still have a bill on my old one. Do I still have to pay for it?

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Re: Changing Wireless Plan?

Hi @Aj10,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forums!Smiley Happy


Yes, if you still have an old bill after changing your plan to a new one, you will still need to pay the old bill to avoid any outstanding balances.



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Re: Changing Wireless Plan?

Hi, could anyone tell me if I change Rogers wireless plans then would it extend my contract? Currently I have share everything plan and I'm wanting to change it to their new promotional share everything plus plans but I want to do it without extending my contract. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Changing Wireless Plan?

Hello @darkhorse2800

Nope it won't! You have have to extend your contract at all! You can change your plan at anytime you wish without any penalty!.

So go ahead :).

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Re: Changing Wireless Plan?


@Meowmix wrote:

Hello jly660

The best thing to do, is contact Rogers & have them look into this for you. The website will show you plans, but the plan 2 years is ONLY when you sign up for a new contract or upgrading on the line. You can change into those plans anytime you like BUT you are stuck into the 3 year term you have until you either cancel & reopen the line or upgrade into a new device on the account.

If you want to do a 2 year term, you will need to upgrade your line to a new device & then the contract will renew to a 2 year term.

Changing plans even the ones showing only will NOT change the contract length.


I had an "exclusive offer" on my wireless plan for 4GB at $80/mo which was $10/mo less than my current plan.   

The comparison with the new plan is shown below.  Do you notice anything wrong with the math?  



Change Wireless plan.jpg