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Cell Phone Infinite 20+Plan -- Port Forwarding -- Light Gaming on PC

I've Been Here Awhile

Hello everyone... I have been a rogers customer for 5 months now...
I recently applied for a Cell Phone Upgrade which is in the mail, so I am here to stay.

Unfortunately I do not live in a residence that allows me to pay for internet, which is why I went with Rogers Unlimited Data.

My question is:

I was to start a Game Server on the Indie Platform BYOND and it will not let me open a Port for the (Dream Daemon) Server...

I heard about Port Forwarding, but I don't know how to Port Forward (Open a Gaming Port) on my Rogers Phone.
So, does anyone know how to work this out or get around the Port Forwarding option?

Are there any available (Open) Rogers Ports for this?
Looking forward to hearing back from you and Stay Safe... Covid-19 won't last forever.




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Re: Cell Phone Infinite 20+Plan -- Port Forwarding -- Light Gaming on PC


Good morning and welcome to our Community @Zenarith!


From what I understand, it is possible to open ports on an Android device but not on a stock iPhone. I would advise against it however as it would leave vulnerabilities open on your device.


Perhaps one of our intrepid Community members has some insight as this is not something that Rogers can support. I do apologize.


Is it possible to get someone else to host? This setup is not entirely ideal for hosting.




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