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Cancel Service

Cancelling my account is impossible - am filing complaint with CRTC 


I have rarely been so frustrated by a customer service experience. I went in person to return my modem and they would not accept it until I called cancellation services. Cancellation services has its own number that puts you into the general hold line up. Waited for someone to call me back, then they told me that they couldn't help me, that I had to wait on hold for 54 minutes and now over an hour. All want to do is cancel my account and return an antiquated modem. That is all.  Gonna file a CRTC complaint. This is forcing me to keep paying for a service I have expressly said I do not want anymore.



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Re: Cancel Service

Hello and welcome to the Community @tryintocancel,


I know the wait times have been less than ideal lately, but the store rep. was indeed correct. You would need a cancellation work order on the account for them to accept the equipment. Sad to hear you're looking to part ways with us however you can PM us via CommunityHelps and we can get you set up. 


 If you're not familiar with how to PM, please see this post.


Looking forward to hearing from you.





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Re: Cancel Service

Rogers should make it easier to cancel services for people - and let people do it online without talking to someone personally via phone or live chat.  Im trying to cancel my wireless phone service via live chat and have left it twice now because Ive waited so long and had enough.   Now I know Rogers wouldnt like this because it would allow people to cancel services easier which in the end would cost them money - but companies should be looking out for the consumer - not just themselves.

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Re: Cancel Service

On the flip side, attempting to cancel escalates the call to retentions, who will try to keep the customer by offering a better deal. Often that's what the customer really wants.

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