Can't wait to say Bye bye Rogers

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Can't wait to say Bye bye Rogers

Finally after 6years being loyal to Rogers, i'm saying goodbye to Rogers. They want to take out every penny out of my pocket.


My wireless plan 1gb shared with unlimited Canada wide calling for 2 lines paying $109 including tax, No contract.


Here is my story.



Back in Sep i called Rogers CS and asked wanted to HUP to Iphone5s 16gb what would be the plan and how much do i have to pay every month. She calculated and with all discounts for 2 lines, with HUP to Iphone5s 16gb would be 120 + Tax, 2gb shared, unlimited Canada wide. Again asked her if she could knock off the price further down and give 1gb instead of 2gb. She replied she can't. I requested her to put a note in the system so i can get this deal.


Fast forward the day before Blackfriday. On Thanks giving i called again to confirm if i could get this deal or any other deal better than this on the occasion of Black friday. The CS replied No. 2 days after black friday(sunday) i went to Walmart told them what rogers had promised me if i upgrade my phones, they called rogers from the store confirmed what i was getting after upgrade, i called rogers again confirmed myself to my satisfaction, to make sure i would get the plan i was offered/promised before making any purchase,  I got the interaction ID gave it to Walmart employee for a smooth transition. After i purchased the phone's the real problem started. Walmart employee called Rogers to change the plan i was offered, after 2 hours on the phone she couldn't reach the CS/retentions due to high volume of calls. I left the store with phones to come back the next day and change the plans.


The next day i went to walmart, when the walmart employee called rogers to change the plan they said there is nowhere in the system it says 120+tax but i have to pay 130+tax if i upgrade my device. He gave them the Interaction ID but they said no some one gave you wrong calculation. Here our system shows 130+Tax. Its not my fault someone at Rogers CS calculated and gave me a wrong number. I was offered the final number would be 120 +Tax so it should be 120+tax not 130+tax.


Next day again i called rogers to get the plan i was  promised, but no, they say 130+tax. Finally i got tired calling them decided to cancel my upgrade and return the devices. Now Rogers says i can't go back to my old plan i've to pay 125+tax to go back to my old plan which is 1gb shared, unlimited canada wide for 2 lines. At this point i decided to completely get rid of rogers from my life.


If i have to pay $150 per month for 2 lines with some other provider i will, but not with rogers. I'm glad i took this decision.



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Re: Can't wait to say Bye bye Rogers

Good evening,


We would really not want to lose a long time customer. Are you on Facebook or Twitter? If so, please reach out to us at or @RogersHelps on Twitter. Please reference this forum post and we will continue to work with you there.


However, please reach out to our LiveChat team if you're not on Facebook or Twitter.

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Re: Can't wait to say Bye bye Rogers

Thanks for the quick reply RogersAmanda.


I don't think Rogers would keep its promise either give me the plan i was offered or let me keep my old plan( Bring your own device,1gb shared, unlimited Canada wide $109 all inclusive). There are other providers who would give more than this for the price i'm willing to pay rogers.


Rogers would definately want to jump into my wallet/pocket and get every dollar if they can.

I forgot to mention one more point. Just 2 days back i came to know that the plan i was offered is good for 12 months and not the entire 24 months. After 12 months i've to pay $10 more. This was never mentioned to me when i called back in Sep. Wow, amazing. I was shocked when CS said that i've to pay 125 plus tax for 1gb shared.