Can I change the address the bill is sent to?

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Can I change the address the bill is sent to?


So here is the deal


Currently I have cable + internet + one cell phone with Rogers. I have 4 other cell phones with a different provider that I would like to port to Rogers potentially (I am on a small business account) , but the situation is that bill for the other 4 phones is currently paid by the secretaries at my office (that I employ) , and the bill is sent to the office. Whereas my Rogers bill comes to me at home since the cable and internet services are at my home. What I would like to be able to do is have my bill sent to my office so the secretaries can handle it. Would this be possible for someone with Rogers cable+internet at a different address than the bill would be sent to?


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Re: Can I change the address the bill is sent to?

As far as i know, yes i think you can do this.

Its often set up that way, sometimes for people who say have RENTAL properties, etc.. where they pay for the service, but they dont live there.. they have it sent to their residence, etc.


You would have to call in to change it

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Re: Can I change the address the bill is sent to?

Simple enough. You just need to make sure when those lines are set up with us, that they are set up under a completely separate account from your existing phone/cable/internet account. Then have the billing address on that account be the address for your office. The address would be set up on the account for you before we even proceeded with credit evaluation, activations, etc. So yeah, it can be done but you of course will need to call in to have it all set up.