Cable Services in Sarnia / Plympton-Wyoming?

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Cable Services in Sarnia / Plympton-Wyoming?

Does Rogers have cable and internet in Sarnia and Plympton-Wyoming? I will be moving to one of these towns, don't have a firm date yet.  I will be starting a new 2-year term with Rogers soon. If there is no coverage in these areas I am moving to, can I cancel my service once I move, or do I have to cancel it before the new 2 years term starts to avoid any penalties?


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Re: Cable Services in Sarnia / Plympton-Wyoming?

According to Rogers postal code lookup.. the answer is maybe?

They do have SOME service in that postal code for N0N 1T0, but that covers the WHOLE town area it appears, but may not cover EVERY location.
You really would need to get more exact addresses.

As for the terms... if your old one is expiring.. you may want to hold of on signing up for a new term.
Your pricing may go up to regular (so no savings) but still might be cheaper in the end.
If you do sign up for a new two year term.. then have to fully cancel,  you'll likely get nailed with cancellation fees, which may be a lot more.