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Brand new phone bought at Rogers store BLACKLISTED

I've been here awhile

I do not understand how a brand new phone I purchased from the Rogers store ends up blacklisted and I’m told they need to “investigate”.  I bought it 2 weeks ago.  Just two weeks ago brand new… I went back to the store with my receipt in hand and they even remember selling me the phone.  They tried calling Rogers too and was also told they need to investigate.  INVESTIGATE WHAT???   Why can’t I be removed immediately from the blacklist???   Makes no sense. This is obviously a mistake on Rogers part, yet I am the one that suffers.  I have the receipt, and the people at the store remember me.  I feel ripped off!!!  There is no investigation needed, I want my very expensive and at the moment unusable (for its purpose as a cell phone) unblocked.  What else is there to prove?  I have the receipt, the store remembers me.  Sounds like a no brainer to me.  

So now I sit and wait.  I was told up to 2 business days for the investigation to be completed on a phone I have the receipt for bought brand new at your store just 2 weeks ago.  

I understand human error can occur but why does this have to be an investigation, you sold me the phone…

I really don’t see the point of continuing to be a Rogers customer if they cannot unblock immediately a phone THEY sold to me.  This is how you treat a customer that’s been with you for almost 20 years???


Anyone else have this kind of poor experience?   Who do I lodge a complaint with?  CRTC? Media?
I bet it’ll be days before they unblock a phone they sold to me.  If this isn’t human error why sell me a phone that’s set to be blacklisted?????


Re: Brand new phone bought at Rogers store BLACKLISTED


Good day @crossb75,


Thank you for posting your concern to the Rogers Community. This surely sounds like a concerning situation to deal with and a device bought in store should certainly not be "blacklisted". Have you heard back from the team in charge of the investigation? Were you able to get someone to resolve this since you last posted? 


I'm sorry to hear you've been having a hard time getting the assistance you need to reach a resolution. If you'd like us to assist with this matter, you can reach out to us via private message and we can guide you through the proper escalation path.


For further assistance and in order to discuss your account details, please send a private message to @CommunityHelps. If you're not familiar with this process, have a look at this blog.





Re: Brand new phone bought at Rogers store BLACKLISTED

I've been here awhile

Rogers dragged their feet so I was able to get a replacement phone.  Was told I would get a credit and every time I call they say you have to wait 2 business days.  I've been waiting since April 28th for a credit.  Called again today and you guessed it, you will have to wait 2 business days.   Am I getting a credit or not and when will it be applied??????

Re: Brand new phone bought at Rogers store BLACKLISTED

I've been around

YUP same exact situation.....bought iphone 15 pro max on line through a rogers chat agent and they sent it to me blacklisted!!!! like what the . they try to tell me im a theif....and they need to "investigate" like come on i just freaking bought it lol

Re: Brand new phone bought at Rogers store BLACKLISTED

I'm a senior contributor
The reason anninvestigatiin needs to haooen, is to figure out if the device should be on the blackist or not for one reason or another. IMEI's are easy to mistype when someone reports a device lost or stolen. In a very tech dependent world, devices and shipments go missing all of the time. Figuring out whether that shipment was reported missing or if that device belongs om the blacklist and finding out how it made it into the stores inventory are all important things to figure out.

That said, they should replace the device for you with a new one when you return it. Maybe even consider buying from a different store in case something shady is going on in that one.
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