Bill so high?!

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Bill so high?!

My bill cost 30$ a month with unlimited texting and 1000 minutes! I'm not going over anything I checked but my bill comes out to 93$!!!! Why?!
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Re: Bill so high?!

Hello @RWilliams12

Have you contacted Rogers by calling them or via Live Chat? They would know the best or if @CommunityHelps can message u via PM And see what is going
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Re: Bill so high?!



Welcome to the community, 

I would like to help. 

As this is directly related to your account I will need to reach out to you via PM from Community Helps. 

Please keep an eye on your inbox.





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Re: Bill so high?!

Your bill should show the details as to why its so high.


Everything should be broken down line by line.. base cost.. any other things like long distance, etc should all be on a seperate line.