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Bill payment

I've Been Here Awhile
My question is that my bill payment was due on August 14, 2016 & I knew I wasn't going to be able to pay it at the time so I called the Billing & Payments support number and I told them that I would be able to pay the bill on the Thursday August 18, 2016. I told them that I would go into a Rogers and pay that way. I went into a Rogers at the mall near my place and learnt that they only accept Credit Cards and at the moment I don't have any money on my credit card so I had to transfer money and it won't show up for maybe another day or so.
What I'm wondering is if my services will be suspended because of this or what will happen until I'm able to pay the bill?

Re: Bill payment

I'd like to pay my bill

Re: Bill payment

Good morning, @Angelsky!


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and congrats on your first post! 😊


Making a payment to your Rogers account is quite easy and we offer many different options depending on your personal preference! Please check out this helpful blog by our very own @RogersMaude to learn all the ways that payments can be made. It also includes step by step instructions for your reference. I'm sure you'll find a method that works well for your needs!


I hope this helps and please stay safe!!