charges on my Rogers Bill

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: charges on samemy Rogers Bill

This is VERY FRUSTRATING... because it is taking so long for "someone" from BANGO (usersupport)... I am still waiting for BANGO to reimburse my ROGERS account and these extra charges started back in November 2020. Again, this was a FREE TABLET from ROGERS. I was charged for video games... POKEMON and an ENTERTAINMENT site... interesting why this happened???? Again, I have told BANGO 7x now, I am a high school English teacher and I have NEVER played POKEMON in my lifetime, nor do I download any video games on my tablet. The ironic part is... I have NEVER given my password to anyone, my tablet does NOT leave my house... I have no children and no one else uses my tablet, but me... ONLY ME... and these "EXTRA CHARGES" were added to my tablet while I was teaching school (in the exact school building) and my tablet was home -- how strange is that? Yes, someone has hacked my tablet. How? I have no clue. First of all, I would NOT be playing POKEMON at school... and I am 100% certain that I have NEVER played POKEMON at home. I am more than frustrated. 

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Re: RE: charges on my Rogers Bill

Nous avons aussi ces frais sur notre facture et nous ne comprenons pas d'où cela provient. Je vais communiquer avec rogers