Bad business practise and poor customer service

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Re: Bad business practise and poor customer service

Good evening @Mevakesh & @jays77 ,


I just wanted to add my input on our Reporting to the Credit Bureau policy. Most of the information provided by @jkroesen is correct.


Why does Rogers report to the credit bureau? 

  • We do this mainly because it improves the fraud database of the credit bureau we use for new credit applications.
  • And reporting to the credit bureau is a common practice for many corporations, banks, utility companies and department stores.
  • It can also motivate our customers to pay their bills in full and on time, in order to have a good credit rating.

The reporting is made on the person who is financially liable for the account (ie. the account holder). Regular Consumers accounts that are open, suspended or cancelled are reported to the credit bureaus.


What is Reported:  

  • Outstanding balance
  • Payment
  • Delinquency level 
  • Cancellation reason - voluntary or involuntary, fraud, activated in error, buyer’s remorse or under dispute
  • Activation, cancellation and last delinquency dates
  • Agency assignment
  • Bankruptcy and Credit Counselling
  • Identification information such as : name, address, SIN, date of birth & phone number

Reports are sent to the following bureaus: Trans Union & Equifax. The accounts are reported monthly after each billing cycle.


    • Current and delinquent balances are reported.
    • Zero and credit balances (reported as $0) are reported.

The reporting begins on the first bill cycle after the account activation and the last report will state that the account is closed and paid with a $0 balance.


We do not send formal notifications to our customers regarding reporting to the Credit Bureau. The Terms & Conditions indicates that Rogers may provide information to others about a customer’s credit experience with us.


Hope this helps!



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Re: Bad business practise and poor customer service

Clear as mud or maybe I'm just getting tired. Smiley LOL That poicy does make it important that people should check their credit rating every once in awhile. Companies occasionally do make mistakes.
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Re: Bad business practise and poor customer service

A late fee on your credit Record is WORSE than a bankruptcy even if you have an argument and Rogers refuses to move on this even it it is a disputed payment that I went through in 2014 Fall. I have never had a late on my phone in 10 years with Rogers but disputed a Data Add On for a Galaxy I didn't even own anymore for a couple of months and ended up with an R5-9 rating which is almost the equiviancy of a bankrupt credit bureau report. I have disputed this with evidence to the Credit bureaus only to have them say that "Rogers confirms the entry it will not be removed or edited" ????


Don't listen to them on here. Pay your bill on time or early or kiss your rating good bye then argue and try and get your money back???? Yea right.. I overpaid a bill and it took over 90 days to get it corrected, put that on your credit rating... Telus is the same way... Don't mess with 2 of the big 3 in this country. Mine was a $79 bill that compounded as I fought on the phone numberous times. What citizen has recorded phone calls? I do now. ALL of them.....   Great treatment for a 10+ year client with bills in excess of $300=400 a month.... Heed my warning...  And yes I did call Rogers and asked them to remove entries from that Acct but was told that they do not remove entries once on your bureau... My phone account shows 0 missed 0 missed 0 missed... Hmmm think about that....

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Re: Bad business practise and poor customer service

A bad debt mark IS GIVEN see my reply and don't be fooled into thinking otherwise...
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Re: Bad business practise and poor customer service

Try and argue an account that was supposed to be closed gaining charges/late payments while trying to get it removed where a person thinks finally that $79 isn't worth it & just pays it. I have perfect payment history on my phone lines but a data account that wasn't cancelled when I requested costs me almost 100 points on my credit bureau and a tirade of headaches.... You are right about some things too but not all. There is no dispute policy in place for someone "relying" on CB information and giving it freely.... That statement is only half true... Try and argue with big brother on this point. Pay or pay regardless....
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Re: Bad business practise and poor customer service

Generally good idea, period.  
This is regardless of rogers/bell, etc... but just about ANYTHING (your gas bill, electric, etc).

Usually most people get their bill ahead of time (2-3 weeks?) before its due.  ALWAYS check it then.
If there are issues, gives some time to start the dispute to possibly get fixed before the due date.

Being a LITTLE late? Not a huge deal.. .if it takes a little longer..
But NOT paying a portion, etc?  That, as stated above.. can cause BIGGER issues with your credit rating, etc.



Not saying that anyone should NOT dispute charges.
FAR from it. (i had mistakes on my LAST two bills here.. steming from these weird back end upgrades they seem to be doing right now at Rogers)
But sometimes its better to, if still disputing.. pay it off now, and then be credited back when/if dealt with.

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Re: Bad business practise and poor customer service

I can relate 😣😣. I called last week the 16 and made sure all my payments were ok and to settle a bill hike, the guy said yeah everything is ok credit card and all. Now I see a $10 more bill hike on my acc so I call again and apparently it hasn’t been going through since December which is 2 months now and my credit score has tanked 🙄. Apparently the recent one was taken on the 14, rejected on 15 so why would they say it was all ok when I called on the 16??? Don’t use Rogers people. You’re good for the first year but you’ll start getting screwed after and their internet is no good, can’t reach me in the bedroom with a speed higher than bells and I’m just on the top level 🙄🙄

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Re: Bad business practise and poor customer service

Hello @Hannahsolid,


A warm welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your first post! 🙂


It's never nice to feel as though you've been misinformed, especially when it comes to your billing and payments. I wouldn't be very pleased either. 😒


There may have been a recent rate increase on one or more of your services or you may have had a promotion that recently expired that may have caused your monthly balance to go up. If this was the case, you should have received a bill notification a couple of months prior, to notify you of any upcoming changes.


I'm not certain as to why we would advise you that your payment went through when it didn't...that is very odd indeed. If you can send us a private message @CommunityHelps, we'd be more than happy to check into this for you to see what transpired. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Hopefully, we can get to the bottom of your issues and get things back on track! 





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Re: Bad business practise and poor customer service

My issue began with what showed up on my invoice as over 500 pictures sent to the US. As I did not send any pictures to the US, I called Rogers to deal with the issue. I first spoke to a woman, I do not recall her name. She wasn't really of any help, she just consistently told me that I sent these 500+ pictures to the US.
I then spoke to Matthew from Saskatchewan who was very helpful. He offered a $100 credit to the account and set me up with a follow up phone call.
I then spoke to Marcel - I1575738167. Marcel was extremely rude, and offensive. After Marcel insisted that I downloaded an app and sent these pictures, it was of my understanding that after long discussion it was a chat that was started in the US that I was added to, where I received a significant amount of text messages, not pictures, and I sent very little texts and no pictures, very different that how my bill read.
I wanted to get more information on these charges so I asked Marcel about specifics of the messages.
He was repeatedly putting me on hold or mute and then he said it was a problem with the system, he was clearly lieing to me. I took this as very disrespectful.
At around 22:00 of the call, Marcel stated, "I'm not going through 512 f***ing texts". That is when I asked him if that's what he had said. He again lied and said he did not say that and that he was frustrated with the system.
I am very discouraged with Rogers for several reasons and this was embarrassing for your company.
I asked for Marcel to transfer me to somebody who would not swear at me and he refused.
This has been by far the worst experience with any company I have ever had. Please respond with your plan of action

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Re: Bad business practise and poor customer service

Hello @KQ44,


Welcome to the community and congrats on your first post! Hopefully, you've been keeping safe and well, despite the current situation we are all facing. 🙂


Our main objective is to provide great service with every interaction. I understand that your recent experience with us hasn't been very positive overall and that is extremely disappointing to hear. If you'd like us to review the usage charges with you further, we'll be happy to do so via PM. We can also send feedback to the agent's manager as well, if you'd like. We certainly don't want a repeat of the same situation with any other of our valued customers. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Please note that you may also 'Share a Concern' through this link under 'Additional Contact Options' and you may request someone to contact you back within 24-72 hours time.


Kind regards,