Anyone successfully waived activation fee recently?

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Anyone successfully waived activation fee recently?

Anyone successfully waived activation fee recently, for in-store purchase? Also why is there an activation fee for in-store purchases? What's the difference when I buy online? Just bought an iPhone XR for $199 with no changes to current plan (yes I know it's $0 on a $120/mo plan), not sure if that's the best deal I could get. I'm pretty sure it was even cheaper yesterday in BF, really nasty of Rogers to only have the price for one day not the entire weekend... was literally impossible to get anything in a Rogers store yesterday with 2 hr lineups.

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Re: Anyone successfully waived activation fee recently?

Hello @mickeyholland

The stores can NOT manually remove a activation fee unless the system let's them which most of the times they can't.

You can contact Customer Service and speak to a agent after the sell or to a manager and they may be able to give u that back as a credit towards the account.

They waive the fee online as they want customers to do online orders instead of going to the stores. Many companies do this not just cellphone carriers. It's a way to get traction for sales online. It's been like this for years. Not recent.

As for the pricing, actually most carriers and companies do this during the blackfriday / boxing day time comes around. blackfriday they have different pricing then cyber Monday.. Unfortunately this is called sales and traction. You can't do anything about it. Canadian Tire put a instore special for tires but was only for yesterday as well. This morning the pricing went up.