Adding a second name to bill

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Adding a second name to bill



I have been in contact with 2 Rogers customer service reps who have told me that its not possible to have a second name in addition to mine added to my bill... I am looking to do this because my current girlfriend of 4.5 years is a USA citizen and in order to prove our common law relationship we will need paperwork showing our names at the same address to prove we have been living together.


I am 24, and don't have much experience with bills as I am just moving out for the first time, is this the case with all bills? Can hydro/gas/water bills only be in one persons name? Has anyone ever been able to add a second name to their Rogers bills?




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Re: Adding a second name to bill


Hello, @mdavy922.


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


I appreciate posting a detailed query in the Community. You can add an authorized contact to your account for management purpose. However, the name will not appear on the bill as confirmed by the other agents.


Community - any insights on this matter?






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Re: Adding a second name to bill

Since you can only add one name to your Roger's Bill, you might want to choose another utility such as Enbridge Consumers Gas or Hydro or Municipal Water.  I was able to add my wife's name and even before she was my wife when she was my common law I had her name added to those utilities bills, when the bill comes in the mail it has both names on it.  hope this helps

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Re: Adding a second name to bill

Agreed.  The other utilities you can have both of your names listed.

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Re: Adding a second name to bill

It is a good idea to have both parties sharing a utility to be named on the bill as it very difficult for the surviving party to do anything with the account should the other party pass away for example.  Especially with there has not been a Power of Attorney given.