Adding a Tablet?

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Adding a Tablet?

Just hoping anyone can share there experience with adding a tablet (ipad) to there current plan? Is it worth it?


Just wondering if anyone can share there experience with adding a tablet to there plan? Not sure if i should wait on a price drop with the announcment of the new ipads. If anyone can post there info, would be greatly appreicated


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Re: Adding a Tablet?

Welcome to the Community @SoDamShady


Is anyone in the Community willing to share their experience in regards to adding a tablet?


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Re: Adding a Tablet?

Havent done it through personal.. but have done it through work.

Its pretty simple.. but comes down to weither or not its worth it.


The pricing on the tablets, is the same pretty much as anywhere else.
You can always buy one ELSEWHERE, unlocked, and bring it to rogers.

Its really only then to the sim and attach it to your plan.

One thing to always remember.. is that it uses up USAGE on your plan.
Hopefully you have a decent GB plan.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Adding a Tablet?

Appreciate your feed back! My data plan isnt too bad (6g), but im not really looking to use this on the go. Will most times be connected to wifi source. Just looking to replace my old broken ipad and figure the finance plan with rogers sounded like a pretty good deal (dont have credit cards lol).  Just looking for experiences to see if anyone had drawbacks. Think im gonna order one