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Accidental PPV Charge

I've been around

charge for pay per view
Hello I have a rogers bundle package with rogers.

This month I noticed a hefty charge of 59.99 on the bill and found out that it was a pay per view movie. I called customer service and explained to them , that it must have been an accidental press . BOth my husband and I are senior citizens and he may have accidently pressed the button as he has shaky fingers( early parkinson). He may have landed on the pay per view button while trying to manoeuvre and in panic trying to get out of "RENT ME" he may have pressed it again. Customer service refused to reverse the charge. I am very frustrated. If we had actually enjoyed the movie , I wouldn't mind paying for it. I even tried to explain to rogers customer servide " look , we are middle class family, we would never rent a movie for that much money , you can clearly see it was a mistake" Even then , they dismissed it. I find it horrible. We were advised to put a child proof on the tv, so it would not happen again. But they refused to refund the charge. It is a lot of money and I am extremely upset about it. We have been Rogers customers for years and years. Rogers is like a house hold name in the family. My kids use them. This experience has left me , very unsettled , frustrated and upset. I am reaching out here ( with the help of my daughter). I hope Rogers community will help get this money returned. It is like a robbery.

Thank you

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Re: Accidental PPV Charge

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

You can try to send a message to the moderators on this forum. I have found them most helpful.  When logged into the forum, click on  @CommunityHelps  .  On the page that comes up, you'll see a link on the top right of the screen to "send a message".  If you're using a tablet or phone, you may need to switch your browser to the desktop version. How to do that will depend on the device but a web search should find it.


There may be some back and forth required while they get your personal information to look into your account.  Personal information is not allowed in this forum.


Then enable the Parental Controls option to preclude this happening in the future.  (Rogers - Settings - Parental Controls)

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