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6 hours to correct their mistake plus more delays

I've been around
I ordered a phone for my son. They put most of my address on the shipping but forgot an “East” on the street. There is no house at the same address but with West and my address with my account with Rogers has the East included. We waited for a week and nothing. Tracked the package. Puralator said address issue. Tried to correct the address through Purulator. Nope had to go through Rogers. My wife and I each spent 2 hours plus (over 4 hours total) on the phone trying to correct the address to include East and get the phone shipped to us. 3 days later nothing. Tracked again. Same message as before. So we went to the purolator depot to see if we could just pick it up there. Nope. Had to correct the address with Rogers. (Which we already did and keep in mind our account address was already correct) 3 days later still not here. Tracked again. Phone went back to Rogers. Then we get an email saying sorry you didn’t want the phone we will adjust your bill since you returned it. But of course. We didn’t return it. So frustrated again I call Rogers. They take 45 minute to tell me that the reason it wasn’t delivered to me was that the address didn’t have an East on the street. This I already knew and had spent 4 hours trying to make sure that was corrected a week ago. They finally start to get it at the 1 hour mark and I suggest that rather than trying to have them send out the phone that was returned by purolator, just cancel that previous order and make a new one with the same deal and phone but with the corrected address. They agree. Then tell me that the deal I got was only for the colour of phone I had ordered and they have no more of those so I would have to pay more. Of course they do have a phone that colour because the one I ordered has arrived in their warehouse. Add to this the old deal on the phone being replaced is due to expire on December 16 and they say if I want the deal I had originally ordered then I would have to wait 4 weeks., causing me to have to payout the phone being replaced. Luckily they manage to extend that 60 days.
Rogers has a huge communication issue where each office has no idea what the other office is doing. I feel badly for the person trying to help me because they don’t seem to get any info on the past conversions I have had with previous Rogers employees and seem not to have enough authority to just fix the situation with an apology for the customer’s inconvenience. Rogers. You need to do better. This whole experience was ridiculous. I now am irritated at the thought of calling your number for assistance because I know it will take 2 hours minimum and will be a frustrating experience. Final result. The phone I ordered for my son will get here for the price I ordered it at but he won’t get it before Christmas. It will be a four week wait. Happy Holidays Rogers. Thanks for ruining Christmas. Time will tell if I ever get the phone and if the billing isn’t all screwed up over this fiasco. Again. Rogers. You are a business and should have more concern for your customer experience. Do better!

Re: 6 hours to correct their mistake plus more delays

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@Benb101: Welcome to Rogers 101 ... a free introductory course that no longer exists. It has instead been replaced with chaos.
The moral of your "West Side Story" (now available on Crave VOD until Feb. 3 2034 - which coincidentally is also the date your phone will arrive) remake, entitled "East Side Story," is that problems or situations that were once considered Simple, can at any moment become Difficult, thus requiring Tier 2 or even higher level assistance. Unfortunately, it's quite often not possible to realize this fact, until hours, weeks, or even months after the situation further unfolds ... from simple, to difficult, and then the challenge to remain calm intensifies.
However, the good news is that your experience with the lack of proper communication between various tiers of help, has prepared you to immediately ask for Tier 2 (supervisor, etc.) help as soon as you sense a repeat of this fiasco fast approaching. You can also avoid the phone and try other ways to contact Rogers (scroll down to Contact Us and click it).
The only thing about your "East Side Story" that surprised me, was when Rogers actually let you know that they received the phone from Purolator, rather than claiming that it was lost, and then demanding payment for it. So at least Rogers got at least one thing right without needing an escalation by you to Tier 2 (to force Rogers to search for the phone that Purolator sent back).
"East Side Story" is a riveting tale as old as time, involving two rival gangs, Tier 1 and Tier 2, vying for control of the streets. Coming EASTer 2024 to a theatre near you ... What's your address again? ☎️📇

Re: 6 hours to correct their mistake plus more delays

I've been around

I'm going through the same thing right now.  Mind boggling they can get my address correct for billing but my service address is wrong.  I've talked to at least 10 people to correct it but no one can figure it out.

Re: 6 hours to correct their mistake plus more delays




If you're encountering an issue where your billing address and service address aren't correct, we can help!


Feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.  




Re: 6 hours to correct their mistake plus more delays

I've been around
I’m having the very same issue! I have sent a message to community helps detailing my experience. I’ve also incurred a $50 charge for I don’t know what!! Very frustrating…
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