4 bill cycles - two managers - bill still wrong

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I Plan to Stick Around
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4 bill cycles - two managers - bill still wrong

Hi All;

My bill has been wrong each month for last 4 months...each month a different reason.

I called already this month but they could not help b/c I was not at home with my notes and couldn't tell them how much my bill is supposed to be. I really hate having to spend another 2-4 hours on phone with Rogers again this month


I advised last month that if my bill is wrong again this month it will be a $200 penalty.

After ongoing for so long...should I contact OOTP and raise a complaint with CRTC.


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Re: 4 bill cycles - two managers - bill still wrong

Good evening @snocow,


Thank you for posting!

Sorry to hear about the issues you've encountered with regards to your last 4 bills.


In order for us to help you better, we'd need to know the type of billing issue you've identified.

Was it an offer that was not honored or you're seeing overage charges on your invoices?


If you would like our assistance, please send us a private message @CommunityHelps inbox. 

You can learn how to send us a private message, here.


Feel free to reach out to our Social Media team. They're also at your disposition. You can reach them via Twitter @RogersHelps or at Facebook.com/Rogers.


Keep in mind that you can also access our Share a Concern page to submit a call back request from our Management Office or chat with a member of their team. If you feel like you've exhausted all avenues with our Management team, on that page you'll also see how to contact the Office of the President.


Thank you for sharing the details of your situation with us. I hope we can help you resolve it promptly!



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 17

Re: 4 bill cycles - two managers - bill still wrong

Thank You;

Have submitted via "Share a Concern"