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Re: $25 Basic Cable

@X318 wrote:

I got a call from the president's office in response to my complaint to the CRTC.  She said that the four other people I talked to at Rogers, including the head of sales and another person at the president's office were wrong.  The $25 digital cable TV starter package is available to everyone and no additional services must be purchased in order to get it.  How to interpret this?


Is it just a case of major incompetence?  Is it instead a situation in which Rogers' employees are deliberately misleading customers in order to increase revenue?  Call me cynical but I would bet on the latter.


Of course, maybe the most recent answer I got is wrong and Rogers will continue to tell people they can't have the basic package.  It's quite a muddled situation from a company that one would hope would do better.


Technically that's true.  See here,


But check the FAQ, the line

If the CRTC states that $25 is the maximum that can be charged the Starter package, why am I paying ...

The $25 maximum applies to Starter content only. The CRTC specifically excludes equipment charges from that amount.

You get the starter pack for $24.99 (+tax) but you can't watch it without purchasing or renting a STB.


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