$225 Downgrade Fee?

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$225 Downgrade Fee?

I purchased a new iPhone 8 today with ShareEverything 2.5GB-Prem+Tab plan (70 dollars per month).

After I chose to pay $70.00 monthly, I wanted to downgrade my plan. So I said I want to downgrade it to $60.00 plan and then he started processing without any explanation. After he called with someone he told me to pay an additional $225 downgrade fee.

Who wants to pay $225 to save only 10 dollars per month? So I wanted to stick to $70 plan. But he said he CAN’T CHANGE it because he was already done with the process and charged me that money right away. Also, his behaviour was not polite when he said that. Before I decided to change it he didn’t mention the fee AT ALL. I am not familiar with the price processing here so I didn’t know. (If he explained the fee before I tried to downgrade I won’t do it).


I was trying to save money, but I ended up paying way more.

It was my first experience at Rogers but I am very disappointed with the services.

So Is there any way that I can have my money back? 



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Re: I paid $225 EXTRA FEE

@Yesol  I will comment from my experience and how you may want to proceed - I will also comment on some of your notes.



@Yesol wrote:

I purchased a new iPhone 8 today with ShareEverything 2.5GB-Prem+Tab plan (70 dollars per month).

After I chose to pay $70.00 monthly, I wanted to downgrade my plan. So I said I want to downgrade it to $60.00 plan and then he started processing without any explanation. After he called with someone he told me to pay an additional $225 downgrade fee.


My comment:  the fact that he called someone after processing suggests to me that he suddenly realized what he had done in processing this transaction without going into the details of all the implications of your request - it wasn't a decision yet, by the sounds of it, you were phoning to enqire about doing it, and then as you describe later, if you had received all details, you would not have gone ahead.


The moment he processed the transaction, he would have known about the cancellation fee of paying off the phone if you downloaded you plan is my belief.  In the past, when I have called in for a similiar discussion, they have always told me.  My daughter got caught on one of these when she removed a "data add-on as they were called then", and the policy had changed that if you cancelled data you had to pay for the phone, but the rep didn't realize she was on an older plan.  It took a phone call to a billing staff, then a supervisor, then to two member of office of president - the first person agreed to a small adjustment, but would not fully reverse their error, the second added another adjustment, bring us to half the price of the phone, and the final person, said, i am not going to risk losing a customer over what is legitimately our mistake and no one will admit to it fully and fully correct the error.  In this case, it was clearly an error and outside the contract terms and the CSR misunderstood as they did not fully understand the difference between phone subsidy for BB data versus a data plan, and that we had a Data add-on, not a plan, so there was no penalty as long as we kept the BB data in place.


So with persistence I believe that you can get this fixed, as they failed to communicate to you fully the implications, and I believe they are required to do so under the Wireless Code, and you also had the right to return the phone and cancel the plan fully and just start all over as an option not mentioned to you.


Given the reality that you indicate that you made the purchase today, did you receive the emailed documents of terms of reference, confirmation of purchase and disclosure of critical details.


In these documents, it would have stated that you had been advised of the result of reducing your plan, but 1, did you get them, and 2. had you read them and fully understood them.


In your discussions about the change in plan, did the CSR ever mention these documents and refer you to the section even after they had processed the change? 


Here is a specific reference in the code that applies directly to you.


4. Trial period
  1. When a customer agrees to a contract through which they are subject to an early cancellation fee, a service provider must offer the customer a trial period lasting a minimum of 15 calendar days to enable the customer to determine whether the service meets their needs.
  2. The trial period must start on the date on which service begins.

The early cancellation fee, or change in the contract was the 225.00 to pay off the phone due to the change.  As noted, you had 15 days to cancel your existing plan and consider a new plan offer - was that offered - if not, you have a legitimate complaint under the Wireless Code of the CRTC 2018.  (my interpretation anyway)  https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/phone/mobile/codesimpl.htm



Who wants to pay $225 to save only 10 dollars per month? So I wanted to stick to $70 plan. But he said he CAN’T CHANGE it because he was already done with the process and charged me that money right away.


Note: he would not have been able to change it - the front line CSR's have no ability to back out of a contract once committed on their computer - this is why I would hope they take their time, understand their obligations under the Wireless Code and to fully discuss the implication of a suggested change by a customer before proceeding.  Like I suggested, the reality that he asked someone about the payment, and then was not polite, I will give the benefit of the doubt - he goofed, he knew it and he was backed into a corner where there was nothing he could do.  There is one thing that they used to be able to do, which was discuss on their own initiative the error and work with a supervisor to come up with some type of arrangement to compensate for the error, or some back end work with a higher level manager to fix the error on the part of the CSR.


I have been through this one successfully too many times to count, so here is what I did.


1. Since the call is done, and you are not satisfied, you have the right still to cancel within the 15 days, that is an option, ends the phone, you return it as long as you didn't exceed the limits and cancel the plan and have the cancellation fee reversed, as you were never given the option of the buyers remorse to cancel.


This is a last resort option and would involve you calling Wireless phone number and work through options to cancel a service. You will get retentions or customer relations and then explain exactly what happened, the sequence of what happened, the absence of clear communication of the cancellation fee until too late on the CSR's part, no effort by them to consider escalation, so therefore you are escalating a concern.


Be polite, give yourself time, and be patient.  Feel free to use terms like I am disappointed, surprised, would have expected that the CSR would explain all implications, and surprised that the CSR did not know the full details of the cancellation fee and why they would have to ask someone, their behaviour after that, and wonder if they may have got themselves caught in the middle of their mistake with no way to back out. 


( I have run into CSR's who speak of being frustrated that they are given no way to back out of the transaction, and that they are not encouraged to allow us to esclate through a phone transfer. It is important that all customers contact Rogers when they believe that they have not received full communications.  On principle, you can always cancel within the remorse period on any service once you get the documents, but a quote before making changes would make life so much easier for all.


The other routes are - go to My Rogers and report a Concern - before sending, be sure to cut and paste your message to a word processing or note application.


Describe as you did above exactly what happened, and what you want to see - since you now realize the implications, you wish to return to the original plan and keep the phone.  In each of these discussions, speak to the wireless code, the requirement around the 15 day cancellation period, and the absence of full communication of the implications of a change to your plan.  I know it is in your documents (if you received them), but deal with it as a remorse related to seeing the cost of the plan and realizing that it was beyond what you want to pay and hadn't fully understood the documents as of yet, as the remorse led to you to discuss options, but the full implications of these changes with no reference to the critical summary and terms before you made the decision.  The principle of the documents and the wireless code and discussion of implications of changes is to allow customers to make informed decisions.


You will get a call or email Your choice - usually within 48 hours - state times that are good for you if you want a phone call.


Be persistent, but polite, do speak to the perception of the attitude of the CSR after the mistake was identified to you (I call it a mistake as they never told you before processing the transaction).


Unfortunately, in spite of many attempts on my part and many discussions, Rogers has never committed to providing a document quoting the revised costs and implications of changes to our services - they don't proceed with the provision of these documents until you agree verbally to go ahead.  I have put forward that this process leads to these concerns of customers (case in point) and also doesn't accommodate individuals who may have text reading disabilities or visual or cognitive disabilities, or have challenges with discussions on phone and need text and talk to fully understand and to be able to ask all questions.


Rogers has created this problem and many a CSR has agreed with me that if they sent a documentation itemizing the proposed changes as a quote, they would avoid a lot of these frustrations.


Other options are you can contact @CommunityHelps via private message - my apologies, but I can't explain that well - moderators and others do much better at explaining the pm system.


You can also consider a live chat, but you are going to probably get a CSR at that level and they can't do much either, but may pass you on.  Communityhelps, Twitter PM and Facebook Messenger PM are also options and allow you to get written documentation of what has been discussed.


I wish you luck - I have had success in the past, explaining that the details of the change you were requested, that the detailed impact on cancellation fees and your services was not fully explained until it was too late.  You made it clear that had you been told you would have not gone ahead, and I do know that higher levels of staff are able to work with these to some kind of resolution that works best for you.


At a minimum, you now own the phone and can walk at any time.  The difference between what you currently have to pay up front rather than over the term of the contract is only 15 dollars over the 24 year term, and you own the phone, it is unlocked, and you can always just walk on the 15 dollars on principle - that is an option too you can discuss.   Various options that have occurred for similiar situations is a credit for the price difference as a courtesy for their error at a minimum, they can find a way in the back end to reverse it, I have found backoffice with retentions/customer relations to be a very creative group with considerable authority.  sometimes it requires a member of the office of the president, but they can do the same credits and corrections with the back office.


This error is correctable to your satisfaction, but you still have significant choices under the Wireless code and remorse and communications to work with and once you officially make a concern (this is not an official concern as this is peer to peer unless you contact @CommunityHelps or they contact you directly, which they will do sometimes), you have all avenues of escalation (report a concern is the official route, but the social media channels are often effective too). At that level, it may start with a manager, or an associate in the office of the president (just customer relations staff with more authority), after that, if still not satisfied, you have the option of the Ombudsman office or directly to the CCTC - link is https://www.rogers.com/consumer/contactus/share-a-concern  All details are there and also on every bill you will see it too.


With discussion of options within the framework of pushing that the decision was entered before you had been fully informed, or cancellation under buyer's remorse, some kind of arrangement can be made I am sure.  It could have all been avoided with the CSR slowing down and communicating all details and understanding all details that you need to know. 


You have a legitimate process to process a concern and continue to escalate - I honestly believe you will be successful.

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Re: I paid $225 EXTRA FEE

Yeah, unfortunately, to get the hardware discounts on many of the phones, you do need to have a MINIMUM plan level $ wise.

If someone wants to go lower than that plan.. they would need to pay back some/all of that hardware discount.
(as the slightly higher plan is paying back the discount)

All that being said, the rep you talked to was a little off in the way he did/dealt with it.
If you had asked to do the downgrade, he should be aware of that it should have triggered the charge..  and should have warned you ahead of time.

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Re: $225 Downgrade Fee?

Good evening @Yesol,


Welcome to Rogers and welcome to our Community 🙂!


May I know how did you activate the new line? Was it at a store or did you call in to order one?  One of the best benefits of choosing a Premium Plus Tab plan is the low upfront cost. The subsidized cost is related to the cost of the device itself. When you suggested you may be interested in a lower monthly plan it can mean that you would have to switch to a lower tab which results in a higher cost upfront. You can definitely look into switching back to the original plan and reinstating the tab you first activated the line on.


It's unfortunate that your first experience hasn't been ideal with us, we'd definitely like to rectify that. Like mentioned above, please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps and we'd be happy to assist you further. Our private message system is explained here.





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Re: $225 Downgrade Fee?

Thank you for your reply. I activated the new line at the store. However, I checked MyRogers app recently and it showed me $225 as a credit balance from my previous bill which means it wasn't paid for the extra fee.
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Re: $225 Downgrade Fee?

Good morning @Yesol!


It is strange that this fee is now showing up as a credit balance. I'd like to take a look at your account to find out what's going on here and clear up any confusion you may have surrounding this fee. I don't want your first experience with us to be a negative one.


Please PM us @CommunityHelps for further assistance. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.