2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

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2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

This message was at the bottom of my February cable bill:


Bringing you the latest TV shows, movies and sports you love to watch is what drives us to
invest in our network and programming.
To support this ongoing investment, the monthly service fee for your base TV package will
increase by $3 per month plus taxes starting on the date of your first bill on or after March 1, 2019. This increase will be reflected in the total amount you pay each month for your TV service. Please see the TV section of this bill for your current monthly rate.

If you have a discount off your monthly rate, this discount will apply to the new rate until our promotional period ends. If you have a guaranteed monthly rate, this rate will stay the same until your promotional period ends. If your TV package is included as part of your condo maintenance fees, this rate change does not apply.
The rest of your Rogers TV service will remain the same. This change is made in
accordance with the CRTC Television Service Provider Code. If you have any questions or
wish to modify, cancel or enhance your services, please call us at 1-866-673-4107.
Thank you for being a Rogers customer.


I'm not sure what the "ongoing investment" they refer to is because all I've seen is a reduction of the number of channels. Unless the investment is in Ignite TV, which does not seem to be working too well as more customers sign up.  A friend who only has Rogers internet is also reporting this $3 (+ tax) increase. Does that mean the increase is applied to each major Rogers service?



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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

Good day @OLDYELLR,


On January 18, 2019, we started to letting customers in Southwestern Ontario know about the $3 increase by bill message. Today, these customers will see the rate increase on their first bill on or after March 1, 2019. On February 20, we started notifying customers in the rest of Ontario and Atlantic Canada that they would see their rates increase beginning April 1, 2019. 


As technology evolves across our industry, we want to ensure our customers continue to enjoy quality products and services to support their growing needs. We continue to invest so the Rogers fibre-powered network keeps getting better and you can always take advantage of the latest devices, apps, and services. Over the past 5 years, usage on the Rogers network has increased by 425%, as people connect to more devices than ever before.


Internet Packages Subject to Rate Increase:

Ignite Internet packages that launched before November 1, 2018 will increase by $3/mo.


TV Packages Subject to Rate Increase:

Digital TV packages that launched before December 4, 2018 will increase by $3/mo.


Hope this helps!



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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

@RogersMaude  I appreciate the extra cost to Rogers in implementing Ignite TV, particularly in view of all the the malfunctions and intermittencies customers are now reporting as servers are getting overwhelmed and need to be upgraded. But legacy digital cable customers should not be called upon to subsidize this new enterprise with increased rates. Ignite TV should sell and pay for itself on its own merits.  The new increase will put me just pennies under my absolute limit of $100 for cable. Once that is breached, on my fixed income, I'll be saying goodby to Rogers Cable and seeking one of the many alternatives. I'm the only dinosaur in our household who still watches cable.

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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

Can I say, I have heard this story before - how about rogers just do like my bank does - it increases packages and prices, rates changes with bank of canada rates, always in their benefit not mine, but there is little explanation - they just put out a new terms of usage and rate schedule - no fancy explanations of improving services and expenses - just changes, and we complain as much about them as we do Rogers - but I do appreciate that I don't feel placated to with well designed fancy marketing descriptions that have been clearly scripted from marketing teams and then pushed and trained to staff - just tell us rates are changing and to contact them to discuss our needs and what they can do given these changes if we wish.


This is the honest approach, not a sales pitch.


For myself like @OLDYELLR , I am now actually beyond our setpoint for what we can afford - fixed disability income fortunately sees a very small COL increase - 7.00 per month, but remember with any tax deductions if I had to tap my RRSP's - you know those things that you set aside for retirement - at least you pay less taxes when on low income then the tax credits when I payed into them.  But you do it knowing that your lifetime income as you age is going to be less.


Our interest rate has increased on the line of credit we also live on for repairs to house and emergencies.  So as we tap that, monthly increase in interest grow thereby reducing cash flow as well - electricity I keep down by just not using it as much as possible, and I run our house at 16 degrees at night lately, keep my bedroom door closed so it heats in the day time, and lots of blankets.  But price keeps going up.  rogers suggests add pods to improve my poor WIFI (sure that is an improvement, but without the increase that was an increase I declined - I can live with the dropouts).  Ignite getting close to digital TV, but own my boxes, have one DTA and chromecase to the spare TV via Chrome Web Browser, or plug in HDMI cord.  these wonderful enhancements - I don't need to talk to my TV, I got used to Navigatr after that mess and am comfortable after 3 years.  Do I want to be an unpaid tester - it reminds me of Windwos OS changes - remember the days when people said never upgrade a windows operating system to the new version until the SP1 comes out a year later.  Who wants to pay for a product to be a bug tester.  At least Microsoft no longer forces prerelease vesions and has a full insiders program - new features, prerelease testing, then full roll out and do roll back when it goes real bad. Rogers only rollback I saw was not a rollback, it was a stop on Navigatr to roll out to the whole market as it was failing miserably and those who got it were stuck for 6 months before the first mediocre attempt.  Rogers is notorious for doing this and I can't comrehend unless you like the "new thing" or there really was something that interested how people chose to take on a poorly implemented product and pay more for it, but to each their own.


But back to reality - my cut off is 150.00 with a theme pak, one channel, a bonus channel, which is supposedly not in packages now, so don't know what that means, a free 10 year old HD setbox (the 2 no PVR) because I owned my nexbox 3 pvr, so they included the box rather than reducing the price for my service for cost of the 3 rental costs, or at least the HD box if I chose not to have it.


I have HBO - now Crave and HBO mix - for years that is all that kept us at Rogers, but now we can get it from Bell online and it has all the bells and whistles like chromecast and other things, manage PVR that Rogers does not have at this time.  So there is an option.


When I called in a few weeks, I was able to get a deal I was ok with with feature set no changes, (except on little sneak - they don't provide caps, only unlimited - they say it is easier for customers to not worry about caps - that is not an extra 5.00 per month I wish to pay, I manage my caps quite fine on my own thank you.  My 500 on 75 is already overkill. It is only a few years ago I was on 30 with 50 cap and they switched me up to 50 no cost with 100, but they didn't mention I needed to upgrade my modem, so the 3 year term I didn't have the right modem.  Didn't even notice it.  They they moved me to 60, then to 75, not any choice, and when I did need unlimited, no option.

So no we have unlimited, but no option to have a cap


So who is this really for - the customer of Rogers - a bit of both I am sure and hopefully fewer errors by reducing options and choices improving communication. 


But again, back to reality - I got that deal which I felt comfortable, but I have some huge discounts until June which I loose at then.  Not negotiating, or good will - customer credits for poor service, every one of them - that is my history of Rogers fo 5 years now - my record is 75% of the time a change is made I spend up to 6 months getting it fixed, and get credits on the way.


I had someone suggest that with all the credits I got I should be happy (yes really), and be ok with a small increase of the 5.00  I said, those credits are on principle, nothing to do with service choice.


So In June, I will be at it again, this time, we have upped our max price at 160 for our home phone, TV, 1 box, one owned, one DTA, 75 unlimited (don't need unlimited - 5.00 more), but this increase notice now takes us over the limit.


When every penny counts - imagine having 2000.00 per month in medical costs and do you do with out medication or Rogers - it is a touch decision, because I still have to reduce further to cover meds - government trillium plan covers a bit, but not much.


So when I hear of increases, what I don't want is the standard, look how we are improving services, and meeting the increased service needs.  Maybe true, but of no benefit to me. If I ask, feel free to tell me - I won't ask, I don't care.


I want to start from where am I now, and what do I need to cut in either cost through courtesy credits, or reduced serviced, or do I just bite the bullet and make a dramatic change in our entertainment models.


I have been talking about the alternatives of less, or even none in some areas for a few years with each change, which I will acknowledge are sabalizing, hopefully reducing errors and time on phone and then months of frustrating and communication/miscommunication getting all fixed.  All the way, not improving my viewing expreience, but actually producing considerable frustration. and whenever something doesn't work, I just get more frustrated.  A great model for not improving customer experience.


But at the end of the day, I will call - I prefer the phone, write it down, get a quote on file, chat in via chat or facebook, or community helps and get a written detail of the quote including channel mixes, credits, short term credits with clear cut off dates, is this a fixed price, or fixed discount term, or price can change, etc.


Lots to clarify before making a decision, and at end of day, I choose what I can afford and want, and if need be, there really are alternatives out there,  not comparable in content, but it is generaly less service, but if I am going to get less service, then I might as well find the cheapest providers and technologies and move on.


Not much than maintaining and buying cars, and everything else on fixed income.


For those who have abudant cash flow, do enjoy the improving technological modles and hopefully eventually a stable Ignite model and being to choose between digital, home phone and its own strengths compared to IPTV.


It took 3 years to get digital where it is.  Ahh the life of fixed income and incresing prices.  I will acknowledge that the staff are getting better at understanding my situation and working with the reality for both sides, although I never let them give the speech on always improving services  - that is canned marketing and irrelevent to my situation.





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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

I hear yah Brother!.  But admittedly we are dinosaurs.  We want what we want and don't need superfluous addons to rather basic services and get tired of paying for the latest marketing gimmick companies dream up to make them a little different or the same as their competitors.  I use a cell phone...do I need a cell phone...no.  But I do like them for a number of reasons.  The companies out there providing this service can't believe that I just want a PHONE I don't need a media player, a fax machine, and on and on.  I simply cannot believe that people will pay what they do for the next new iteration of cell phone and stand in line to be first.  I use a GPS device...do I need one...I believe so.  I only want to purchase a new unit when the old one fails.  It grinds my grits when a company who I have been loyal to adds so much stuff to the mapping software that my unit's memory is insufficient and in one more month it will be obsolete. 


We do have choices and I will be exercising mine on the latter matter soon.  I have found a "Not a Big Name" gps sold through a well known company with a good rep. for customer satisfaction for half the price.  So I will be taking a chance and maybe it will work out.


Personally I believe this is the one true power consumers have and we have been a little negligent in not using it and this is were we find ourselves.  

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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

Thanks @Webster01   I am not sure I would go as far as dinasour, but definitely, I want the basics where I don't need the extras, and TV has remained the only one with a bit of extras and that is on content, not features, so the pitch of improving and providing more value or whatever line is the flavour of the month has always been irrelevant to me.


Excuse my rant (I reread my post, boy wish I could lose that post or re edit it, but it is ok).  As people can read, I in that reality position of life that sometimes in life, dramatic changes come and you can't afford your old life style anymore or even the new one, and so in the middle of trying to work out my services, along with all the new expenses that I have to find ways to cut, beg, borrow, etc to pay for just to live, and so 6.00 with the standard marketing explanation kind of sent me over the edge.  Ignore all my numbers, they are a jumbled mess.


Bottom line, I am looking after my discounts run out in June to cut back to a lower Internet at lower cost - 10mbs is too low, but 75 with unlimited is way more than I need, so that kind of leaves Rogers out of the equation.


TV will go to Starter with CRAVE HBO - our one TV luxury because we like HBO content, and we own our box.  Will put other TV on DTA or indoor antenna which we have already.


Bottom line, that increase was the final straw to bring me back to reality that I can't afford the new Internet and TV models anymore - they are now a like to have, not must have.


So as I said before, for those who can afford it, enjoy the new toys and bells and whistles and all those connected devices.


Like you, I have a basic phone, the smallest plan one can get which I will move to a pay as you go, home phone for my wife's business can go VOIP.


I will see what Rogers will do to try and keep me, but the reality is life and their pricing and push to higher end product (read the financial reports, they acknowledge that their profits are from higher end Internet and higher end phone data plans and higher end smart phones) is pushing me out of their market mix.  And that is ok.


Like you I have a ten year old GPS, doesn't require data for maps, don't have data on my phone anyway, it does the job, but I can only load partial maps for one area at a time due to memory limits and it is long out of support, but it works. I have one new TV and one 18" scratch and dent bought at a Christmas sale. Our car is 8 years old and we run them to the ground, so like you, I want value for my money defined by me, not by any company.


Take care and enjoy the GPS.



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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

As you are probably aware there are alternatives to Rogers. For example I am using a Rogers cable reseller that charges me $40 a month for 75/10 unlimited. If I have any issues they send out a Rogers tech. Maybe not the same day but even if I have to wait an extra day or two I am saving hundreds of dollars a year.  So far I have had no issues since ordering over a year ago. You can actually try their service for awhile along side your Rogers internet. A cable can handle up to three internet services at once.  


Just trying to give you some alternatives where you will hardly notice any difference in service but save quite a bit. 

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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

Did Rogers increase prices without telling us?


Before I go ramming my head against this I thought I should ask. Last month my bill was $168, but this months caught me off guard as it’s now $174. I have the premier pack, 150 internet,and basic home phone. I wasn’t informed about any price hike. So did they jack up the price on us without telling us, or is my bill just wrong? 

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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

@Dire : If you review your previous Rogers bills you will find a statement regarding changes in the bill (for example $3 for Internet, etc).  I found these advisories on my February 28th bill.

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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

Yup.. just got hit with this garbage rate increase. $3 on both internet and cable so $6 in total but bill total shows $5 net increase. Mine is a bundle pack as well. I'm only 6 mos in on renewed contract with rogers back end of november 2018. Anything I can do about this since I'm only 6 mos into a 2 yr contract deal. Like, what stops them doing the same thing next 12 mos?? *angry* Unfortunately there is no alternative to rogers except bell that offers bundled services. Apple tv is expensive with their subscription basis and money per app added. So that doesnt work out.  *sigh*