2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

Just realized the increase too when paying my mega-bill.

VIP + 100 Internet+phone

Its funny in that sad way when they do these increases the same month they announce quarter end that purports good growth and returns to the shareholders. Perhaps I'm bitter because I'm not one of them...


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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

Well, I wasn't sure whether to report my news and changes here on this thread or adieu, so I did it here.


As I mentioned earlier 150.00 was my max and I received no movement in all of my calls.  I phoned and chatted often to get the line by line breakdown of my channels, and all I would get was, same as you had before, no changes.


Well, challenge to that, is like someone else had said, I never did receive any documentation of my current offer in the form of the confirmation of changes and details.  That was to be provided almost 6 months ago by "legal department", but was never received.  I just stopped asking and figured, I would just deal with what the changes would be when they came.


So, I spent a lot of time researching the other options out there which I have discussed in length in other threads and over time.  The reality is that we had to find a solution that could keep us with a level of TV that would at least give us some entertainment in our home, but not huge upfront costs from wholesalers of router and modem, buying digital antenna, install etc.


But while we were waiting, the big provider out there (the major competitor in TV to Rogers) provided us with a solution.  It is called Alt-TV, and nicely, they package their TV with almost all of our most desired channel mix.  I won't go into the details of the exact price, you can find that out for oneself online or calling.


We added HBO, Crave was included, and got a free Chromecast in the process.


There are some losses in features that were nice, but when it comes to living within ones budget, you have to give up things.


But the ability to cast via their app (yes, some restrictions on type of Android boxes supported, but we went firestick and chromecast, both supported.)


We are limited to only two apps running at the same time, but let's be honest, there is only two of us, and as I have been looking around, it astounding how much legal free on demand tv is available.  You can even watch CTV popular shows for last four episodes, like on demand with no subscriptions.  And many others out there.  Still exploring, but I am not picky, I could never find everything I want to watch.


Plus, check with your library, you will find software like Hoopla, Kanopy, Freegal Music, Kindle book reader on the firestick to help with my reading disability, and even voice control of my viewing, directly integrated with my one and only IOT, my nest thermostat.


Other reality, less speed, but as I have said many times before, speed is not something low end users like my wife and I use.  I am at this moment, watching a movie off Crave in full HD 1080, with my new HDMI audio splitter and all devices now running through that to my real modern and expensive sound system - my daughters logitech 69.00 PC speakers that she gave us and are now over 10 years old, with great stereo division, range and subwoofer.


We had the option of up to 100 Mbs down and 10 up, but we went with 50 - and we will judge how it goes. And unlimited too, which comes standard in the price.


Other than recording, we have pretty much all that Ignite TV offers, all off the firestick, or cast from our phone, or Google Chrome tab.  And Amazon just agreed with Google to put You tube on firestick and casting abilities are back now through mirroring, but will soon be on the Amazon prime app that we take on each year as we do our holiday shopping.


Total savings for us per month - had we not included a home phone, we not only met our desired price range, but cut it almost in half.  We did decide to have a home phone in place and will reevalute that over time.


So while Rogers plugs along with upping the digital package prices, with little flexibility that I could get,  struggling with the ups and downs of the new Ignite model and fiddling with pricing models, I went looking and thinking what we would have to get and found a better value for our money without giving up on the core items, Internet, and a preferred mix of TV, no equipment other than buying a couple of pieces of hardware to supplement our existing hardware, and one nice thing, we used a 50.00 reward given to me as a beta tester for mywifi app last year to pay for most of it and birthday gifts off Amazon gift cards.  So we are happy, disappointed to leave what we know, but what is life without some risks and change.




Some concerns with our change still may lie ahead as everyone has stories about all companies, and I am negotiating with an unknown, but Rogers has made enough mistakes with my services in the last 5 years, and it has taught me how to calmly escalate and know my rights, And even to walk, after so many years of loyalty - 28 years now.


What topped it off for me was I accidentally hit cancellations when I wanted to discuss some clarity on a few items on the offer on file (unlike my new provider that provides emailed quotes, Rogers does not, and as a result, much miscommunication was occurring, as I tried to work the best value for money for my situation and to waid through the marketing, like, oh forgot, north american long distance, that is not on your plan, but yes it is on my bill, but I have no confirmation of my plan, so I have nothing to work with, except what I have received and my bills.  Oh, and forgot Crave/HBO, oh forgot our choice of channels and what we are willing to give up.


When the person said, Rogers was no longer allowing customers to game the system with trying to get better deals, I pointed out that they create the game, and if that is the quote, that is fine, I was only calling for clarifications, not trying to get a better deal, just seeing what I could drop.


We respond as customers to find the best value for money and if they have historically allowed us to negotiate and now will not, that is ok with me.


It clarified that I had no choice but to go for the deep cuts, but when I found that there were new alternatives out there I was able to keep most of what we like to watch, can add on or remove channel mixes as we go along, have access to other services, if we opt out of TV and the savings allow us to pay for entertainment and live within our budget.


As a closing note on it all, yes we have to live without recording, but on-demand is available and we lived without it for most of our life anyway.  We will have to plan our TV watching more, but that will also allow us to think what do we want to do with our life instead.  The need to change is always an opportunity to seriously look at life and see just what is important, and the reality is that TV was primarily a mind numbing during my mental health recovery, and a distraction from life, and now my recovery is moving to coming out of my house and finding a world out there again.


I still have Rogers phones,


but I probably won't be on this site very much anymore.  I don't want to be a Rogers naysayer and comparing constantly to other things, I leave the support to users who use the system, I won't anymore,  So I say Adieu.


It has been a pleasure to be involved in the forum, to commiserate through the loss of One Number, watching slow response to certificate and browser changes, the move to HTML 5, while there is still HTML 4 and older code lying in places in MyRogers. To the Yahoo security issues and agreements, and being a source to pass on how I had learned to effectively escalate. And who can ever forget Navigatr.  My thanks to all that helped get Rogers through that mess and save our own sanity.


My best wishes to all.  I may be back to Rogers services some day, but at this time, they just don't have a product mix and service that I can afford and others do, so life has to focus on me first, and not loyalty for the sake of loyalty to a company, which is part of what has held me here.


All the best to all,  Bruce 

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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

@BS  I'm facing the same crossroads as you. I have digital cable with Rogers and my ISP/Telco is Execulink. With annual increases, each one is hovering around the $100/month mark. Bundling everything with Rogers would certainly cut the total bill, but I don't want to lose the email address I've had for over 30 years and am leery of cable's reliability for Internet and "home phone". And at this point Rogers Ignite TV is too expensive and experiencing inconsistencies as the network and servers get loaded down.  However, Execulink is now  installing fibre in my subdivision and other parts of SW Ontario and my bundled landline and internet will actually go down and get faster. They also offer a similar service to Alt TV called Link TV.  Link TV has cloud DVR, is very configurable and once I figure out a package that gives me everything I'm recording and watching on VIP,  I'm sure I'll end up with a bundle under $200.  Also, watching TV has evolved a lot since the early days of "cable".  With a smart TV I can stream downloaded movies from my computer and use numerous apps to watch stuff on the Internet. Even on our old flat screen TV we can watch Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube and much more using  an inexpensive Roku Express.  The only thing I'll have left with Rogers will be my PayGo phone, which currently costs me less than $50 a year the way I use it.

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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

Increase in Internet Charges WITHOUT NOTICE!


There's been an increase of total billing from 33.89 to 37.28 without notice. Why there's an increase? I have not changed any of my plan. Please let me know.

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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

@praveenkumarsr : I'm pretty sure if you look at your previous bills there will have been a notice of a $3 + Tax increase.  I got my notice in my February bill.  This is very typical every year.

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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

@OLDYELLR   Well, today, we got our install of Alt TV.


Install went slow, but having done installs in a corporate setting, I was impressed by the due diligence taken.  A new line is hung, and a new one coming in 2 - 3 weeks.  Permission from my neighbour was obtained before running the cable. over between the houses, way up out of reach, but she didn't really like the look, but considering the fact they had new bell cable laid last fall, she understood as her cable was strung tree to tree for a number of weeks.


Everything cut over fine, phone number ported, and TV and Internet services set up and tested, and new phone jacks and some replacement wiring put in that will support up to 100 down if I decide to move up.


I am having to learn a new way of working with TV, can't rewind or fast forward, but with Chromecast we can pause.


I am working it through a range of ways, through the online feeds from stations, Crave app, their own app, and also now using free library music and documentary and tv show/movie feeds - It is called Kanopy and available through most libraries, at no cost, I can stream my Kindle reader, giving me larger text, and text to voice on my firestick.


Chromecast is working well from phones and TV, and I even checked the off wifi home by logging in via my Rogers internet that was still active.  No difference in streaming between my 100 on Rogers and 50 on the other.


Latency was better on the new company.


Firestick from a gift certificate (thank you rogers for giving me the chance to win that certificate for testing the WIFI beta tool.


And a HDMI and sound splitter puts all my devices and my old PC speakers in play (again, gift cards from Amazon from family, and currently have a free month on Amazon Prime) - so lots of playing with TV and media mix over the next month as we learn.  It is kind of fun.


The interesting point was that I got a call in the middle of the install from the 
"Ambassador's office", to see what they could do to change my mind.  


As a courtesy, I listened, but made it clear from the beginning as we were in the middle of the install, that it would be unlikely that I would choose the offer no matter what in all fairness to the new company and the great install.


I must say that she did come in with a real sweet offer, which since in my previous calls, they wouldn't budge, and I was ok with that - I don't like negotiating or haggling price.  I look at the offers as they are given, and then decide what services will be reduced if I need lower prices.  I take the offers at face value.


And I pointed out that I had come back to them with the explanation of why I was leaving and what I got from the other company as an alternative and that past people, said, the offer stands the way it is, so I again, took that at face value and made my decision to move on purely based upon service mix and offers in front of me.


I pointed out to her that I have never been a fan of companies phoning me on the day that the service is being cancelled with an offer valid only until 6 pm that night when services would be switched off.  I take companies at their word if they say that is the best offer, and I don't like the games of coming in with a sweet offer (1 year only with the price increases still  in there), when an alternative company has made the offer.  I advised them a month back of the new offer from the other company and the reduced service channel mix and Internet speeds, and at that time they said, they couldn't match it, so I made my decision to move on.


So I asked her to pass on to the higher ups, that although I know that some jump out of the new offer from a competitor with that new offer I got today, but it is not how I do business.  It is not fair for me to just walk on the work the competitor has done to obtain me as a customer, made in good faith based upon the reality that the two existing offers led me to have to move on.


So, although it was a good offer, it was too late in the process.


I may come back in the future if things change, but for now, life has changed for me, as it has been for 10 years.  My income is not increasing year by year, it is still decreasing, and I am comfortable in the changes.


If it is felt that this post should be moved to another thread, say like adieu (it only is peripherally connected to price increases), but the recent increases were part of what led me to go looking as well as the end of contract.


All the best - I won't be on the board much, not that I have been as of late, I still have phones, and if I have phone issues, I may come here.  I will still pop in and follow the many people I have got to know over time.


It has been a great time, working with so many on here and getting help for myself and supporting others, and researching changes in technology and the industry and regulations and helping guide others as I learned too.


Sincerely, Bruce

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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

Thanks for the update @BS  I still have a month or two before the fibre is hooked up for my phone and internet to determine if I can put together a TV package to replace my Rogers Cable and come out ahead. If I decide on the switch, I don't believe Rogers could come up with any kind of incentive to replace my grandfathered VIP. And you have to remember, those 11th hour offers are just for a year or 6 months.

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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

My experience with recorded PVR after cancellation of service: It would not stay active a day after the disconnect from cable outlet, losing it during the night.


I know there are other threads to cover this topic, but couldn't locate the threads - I always struggle with the proper keywords in searching.


In the past, we have talked about how the PVR access to recording could be maintained after cancelling digital cable.


Well my experience may be a one off, but this is what happened.


My service was active until the day after our new install and cancellation of cable.


On the last day, I disconnected the cable to prevent the supposed attempt to de-register the box functionality.


I left it plugged into power.


I happened to be up at 3:00 am that night and the boot suddenly went into the boot cycle and got stuck at -01-, because obviously it can't initialize without service connection.


The box had been turned off, and disconnected from the cable jack, hoping as we believed that we could watch our last recordings until we eventually lost power or something happened.


I plugged the cable back in and rebooted, and it fully initialized again - all services of Internet and Cable were still active at that time.  Later that day, the box upstairs unregistered which we expected and all services were now inactive. 


A check of the PVR Nextbox 3 in living room, we could still view the PVR recordings from list and last nights guide.


But this morning, the box was again in a -01- state.  It had not been connected to cable jack during the disconnect/deregister of services, so this reboot could not have come from the Rogers side.


My guess, is the boxes are now initiating an update for the menu on a regular basis and when it could not, it rebooted and stuck on -01-.  
Same behaviour as the night before, but no life cable to register the box again, so now it is a brick.


We will pass it to a relative who can use it to cancel a box rental on their service and register our owned one to their service.


Just wanted to update my experience.  Guess there was a change, but I had never tested leaving the box disconnected overnight to see what happened.


As I said, experience may be different for others, but that was ours.


Oh well, we tried.


One benefit, I have always had a bit of a love hate relationship over loyalty versus having to fix problems with bills and so forth, so now I don't have the box in front of my face anymore to remind me.  Will have to buy myself a call display and clock as I do miss the call display on the TV.



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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

@BS : If you told Rogers you were leaving before you disconnected the cable, then they send a "deactivation" signal (that either takes place immediately, or could be programmed in to take place at a particular time) and you cannot watch your recordings after that.  Also, you have to maintain power because it will not reboot after cancellation of service.


I've also read that you must watch your recordings within a time period of about 3 weeks, otherwise the PVR may attempt a reboot and obviously will not work then.  As with porting a phone number, if you don't do it correctly, you're out of luck.


I believe that @User14 recently cancelled, forgot to disconnect, but then called Rogers to reconnect for a day to allow for a reboot, then disconnected that day in order to watch some recordings...  He can comment further if he visits.

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Re: 2019 Internet and TV Rate Increase

@57   Thanks for that update - fortunately my phone port when as planned.  We figured sooner or later we would lose the box, no matter what we did.  Everything we currently have recorded was current shows, can get it on demand, and lots of HBO/Crave movie stuff which we have HBO/Crave + movies with our new service.


Hope the next person has better luck.


Thanks as always for the useful information.